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  • Disney x RO:M - Poring Treasury Premium Sign-in

    Poring Treasury
    Premium Sign-in

    Click image for larger version  Name:	├└╚╦╙π.jpg Views:	0 Size:	173.8 KB ID:	6992

    Event Period:

    Purchase Time: 30 Aug 0500 HRS - 13 Sep 0500 HRS
    Claim By: 20 Sep 0500 HRS

    Event Details:

    During the event period, adventurers with a Base Level of 12 or higher can enter "Poring's Treasure Vault" through the Hotspot.
    Spend 68 BCC to activate Poring's Treasure Vault. Once activated, log in for a specified number of days to claim 1 reward.

    Day 1: Princess Makeup - Ariel x1
    Day 2: Disney Gachapon Coin x30
    Day 3: Praying Crystal Self-select Pack x10
    Day 4: Magic Card Album x1
    Day 5: Refined Job Potion x20
    Day 6: Mora Coin x25
    Day 7: Princess Dress - Ariel x1

    1. Event sign-ins are limited to one character per account. All characters under one account will share the same progress and completion.