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  • Runes Missing after Update

    Good Day,
    Today while loging in game , for some reason it made a big huge update again , like reinstalling the full game etc. it was weird .
    So i let it update . So randomly, it asked my log ins again ( which is facebook for me) which is,i find normal after a big update.
    I get in game all is normal , until i go Afk grinding. Its weird that i didnt do much zeny for a ranger with full gear and runes.
    then this evening i was about to do MvPs, and saw that my aspd is so low. It was weird. So i asked some friends what is going on.
    i told them i had a big update this afternoon which is weird .and They told me to check my gear and runes , i found everything on my gear ok.
    but when i checked my runes , all my Skill runes are gone o.o ! Is there a way to get them back ?

    thanks in advance !