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  • Missing stuff on european server.

    I'm not sure if putting this list here will have an impact but I think it's a little significant to make that the first topic here.
    We have the RO2.0 patch on European server but we are lacking of lot of feature.
    This post doesn't have as objective to list bug but only the missing stuff.
    If i forgot something or if you found other stuff which are missing i will update this post later.
    • Lack of assistant
    We have in game the possibility to buy the ticket for 6 assistant but four of them are missing in the assistant room
    • 2400 honor proof maximum per WoE.
    When we do some task during the WoE we can gain extra honorproof (Killing People/emperium/monster...). On SEA and Global the maximum honor proof which can obtain by this way is limited to 2400. Currently on EU we are limited to 1200 Honor proof.
    • Possibility to craft Weapon and armor directly from the adventurer book
    On SEA & Global on explore category of adventurer book they have a tabs with the equipment. It's possible to craft whole weapon and armor of the game from this tab.
    ( )
    • Guild Facility Poring Couch
    We doesn't have this guild facility on EU. Why ? Nobody know.
    • Super Eggshell Blueprint
    Super Eggshell Quest for Super Novice is missing, therefore there's no way to get Super Eggshell Blueprint in Geffen Smile Assistance.
    • XL Pet Potion
    On SEA they have XP Pet Potion in the pet store. This potion is missing on EU