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  • Dec 22nd 2022 Patch Notes

    Dear adventurers,
    We will commence a shutdown server maintenance during 6:30~12:30 on December 22nd (GMT +2). This maintenance will update some of the game content and fix some known issues. Unable to join the game during the maintenance period. Thank you for your understanding.
    After the maintenance ends, we will issue maintenance compensation to every adventurer.
    (Beijing Time, GMT+8, 12/22, 12:30~18:30)

    ========Hero Class========
    Newly added Hero Class [Nidhogg]
    1. Unlocking Method
    * Players with a T4 Class Saint character can use a [Class Voucher] at the [Class] - [Nidhogg] interface to unlock Nidhogg
    * Use Saint to clear Exploring the Lost Isle in Brave Difficulty or above and complete [Priest's Destination] to claim a free [Class Voucher]
    * In the Class interface, use [Big Cat Coin 88] to purchase a [Class Voucher]
    * Players can also use [Big Cat Coin 88] to purchase in the [Tip] interface
    * Players can try out the Nidhogg Class under the [Class] - [Nidhogg] interface and the [Tip] - [Hero] interface
    2. Development Path
    * Characteristic
    -- Characteristic is a Hero Class's Exclusive Core Skills. It starts at Lv. 1 when the Hero is unlocked and maxes out at Lv. 7
    -- By activating Runes with specific Words, you can level up the Characteristic Level, and unlocking Levels 4 and 7 will additionally grant powerful Skill Effects respectively.
    * Skill: Raise Nidhogg's Job Level to obtain Skill Points.
    -- The Job Level of Nidhogg is capped at Lv. 80
    * Rune: Added 3 Exclusive Grade S Skill Runes and 3 S Star Skill Runes for Nidhogg
    -- Identify Runes for a chance to obtain Nidhogg Exclusive Skill Runes. In addition, Rune Smelting also allows the operation of the Hero's Runes
    * Aeisr Monument: Added Nidhogg's exclusive Aeisr Monument. Adventurers can activate them all upon unlocking the Hero Class.
    3. Hero Fetters
    * Under the [Class] - [Nidhogg] - [Hero Fetters] interface, adventurers can complete a series of Growth Quests to unlock the brand-new hero's story
    * After completing the hero's story, you can obtain an Exclusive Weapon Skin and Headwear Skin, and also unlock a secret part of the hero's life
    4. The Gold Coin Store is offering [Rapid Growth Gift Pack - Nidhogg] on sale
    * On Sale: 12/23 05:00 - 1/23 05:00
    * Price [Big Cat Coin x198]. Each account is permanently limited to 1 purchase only
    * This Giftpack can only be opened by the [Nidhogg] class. Open to receive [Exclusive Job Potion - Nidhogg] x1, [+10 Wizard's Power] x1, [Weapon - Magic 2 Enchantment Voucher] x1, [Golden Badge of the Seas] x6, [Holy Dragon's Duty - Star Rune] x1, [Reborn Tree - Star Rune] x1, [Natural Protection - Star Rune] x1, [Spring of Life Rune] x1, [Primordial Dragon Rune] x1, [Ragnarok Rune] x1

    ========Class Balance Adjustment========
    "1. Newly added shops
    * Invisible Arrow. The element of attack changed to Ghost
    * Phantom Arrow. The element of attack changed to Dark
    * Fear Arrow. Increase your Race Damage Bonus by 30%
    * Phoenix Feature Arrow. Increase your Attack Range and Casting Range by 30%"
    2. Hunter's skill [Improve Concentration] peak level new effect added: "If you do not move within 2 seconds, increase your own Auto Attack DMG Inc. by 3%/6%/…30%"
    3. Ninja's skill [Shadow Warrior] is no longer restricted to no attributes but follows the Ninja's attack attributes
    4. Ninja's skill [Ninjutsu - Thousand Shadows] new effect added: each attack of the Shadow Clone will increase 10% of Pen. for the original, lasting 3 seconds, up to 3 stacks
    5. Ninja's skill [Hidden Shadow] new effect added: when there is no Shadow Clone, there is a 10%/20%/…50% chance of casting [Ninjutsu - Thousand Shadows] automatically on Auto Attack
    6. Mage's skill [Alight] M. ATK is increased from 7%/9%/… 25% to 10%/20%/…100% and modified to stack up to 10 stacks
    7. Mage's skill [Alight] effect is no longer marked as [Burn] and no longer subjects to burn resistance and burn bonus effects
    8. Mage's skill [Unlimited] new effect added: Auto Attacks also have the same chance to trigger the effect of M. Pen. Inc.
    9. Assassin gains a new skill added at T2 [Fullblack Claw] Lv.10: Rip open the wound of an enemy. The enemy will take 3%/6%/…30% more Poison DMG and 15%/30%/…150% more Auto Attack DMG. Lasts 12 seconds. Available when the target's HP is below 60%. The effect cannot be cleared
    10. Assassin's skill [Assassination Halo] new effect added: every 1 point of Crit increases Auto Attack by 1/2/…10 points
    11. Assassin's skill [Sonic Acceleration] new effect added: there is a 3%/6%/…15% chance of using [Sonic Blow] when Auto Attacking

    ========Battle for the Sanctuary Season 7========
    1. Season 7 of Battle for the Sanctuary Begins
    * [Arena] - [Battle for the Sanctuary] opens season mode, players level 100 and above to form a 12-member team, the leader can initiate matchmaking, when there are insufficient members, the system will randomly match other players to form a 12-member team
    * Battle of Sanctuary season 7 will open on January 9th and last for 3 weeks, season mode matching will be available every Saturday from 20:00 - 24:00
    2. [Tournament] Season [7] is launched in Battle for the Sanctuary
    1. Tournament Time
    * The Tournament will be available from January 30th - February 5th;
    3. Participation Rules
    1) New [Tournament Mode] available on [Arena] - [Battle for the Sanctuary] tab;
    2) The team assembly time lasts from 05:00 Monday to 24:00 Friday. The Adventurer must create/join a tournament team. When the team is filled with 12 players and all members have selected Confirm, the team leader can sign up as a team to join the Tournament
    3) The registration time lasts from 05:00 Friday to 24:00 Friday. The ranking of the registered teams will be settled based on the 12 in-team members' total points from the 6V6 Team Competition of the previous season. The top 32 teams in the ranking are qualified to join the official match
    4) Upon the end of the registration, the 6V6 scores of the participating teams will be used to settle and confirm the bracket. See the matching rules below:
    * The order is based on the 6V6 scores. The first 1/4 of the teams will be seed teams (For example, 8 teams will be chosen from 32 teams)
    * Among the seed teams, the first 4 teams and last 4 teams will be respectively assigned in the left or right half of different groups
    * The remaining teams will be randomly assigned
    * In the final, all (8 teams) will be randomly assigned
    4. Schedule Rules
    1) The first round of the match will start at 20:00 Saturday. In the last 15 minutes before the match (19:45 - 20:00), the team leader must select [Start Matchmaking] to confirm joining the match. The team who fails to select [Start Matchmaking] within the given 15 minutes will be considered to have forfeited the game
    2) When there are team members who have not registered, offline members, or there are less than 7 members in the team, the team cannot start matchmaking
    3) The match goes with the system of single elimination. Among the 32 teams, there will be 5 rounds of games held to determine the final champion. The defeated team in the last round will be the runner-up. The two defeated teams from the second to last matches will both be 2nd runner-up
    4) You can check out the details rules in the game
    5. Tournament Rewards
    1) Tournament Ranking Rewards:
    * Champion: [Ultimate Ancient Relic Shard] x1
    * 2nd Place: [Ancient Dust] x500
    * 3rd-4th Place: [Ancient Dust] x200
    * 5th-8th Place: [Ancient Dust] x100
    * 9th-16th Place: [Ancient Dust] x50
    * 17th-32nd Place: [Honor Proof] x5000
    * [Ancient Dust] can be used to exchange for Blue Relic Shards. When you have accumulated a specific amount, you can exchange them for [Ultimate Ancient Relic Shard]
    2) The top 16 players will all obtain brand new Back Headwear: [Lightning Feather] and [Exclusive Chat Frame]
    * When the adventurer is using a specific chat box transmogrification item, they will activate the transmogrification function of the corresponding chat box pattern
    * The adventurer can tap on the character avatar to find the corresponding chat box transmogrification label in transmogrification interfaces of personal avatar, background board, etc. They can then select a pattern to change their chat box appearance
    * The Channels that support the change of chat box currently: World, Guild, Guild Channel, Chat Room, Proximity, Private Chat (Chat Box Change does not apply to messages with only Emoji)

    ========Larva X Event=======
    Event Time: 12/24 5:00 - 1/25 5:00
    1. Mysterious Guest!
    * Event Time: 12/24 05:00 - 1/25 05:00
    * During the event period, adventurers whose Base Level ≥25 can go to Prontera and talk to Yellow to get [Yellow's First-Met Gift] x1
    * This event is an exclusive quest to the account. Each account can only participate in it once
    2. Yellow's Game
    Event Time: December 24th 05:00 - January 3rd 05:00
    * During the event period, adventurers whose Base Level ≥25 can go to Prontera and play Rock, Paper, Scissors with Yellow. If you win, you will get [Yellow's Thank You Gift]
    * This event is an exclusive quest to the account. Each account can only participate in it once daily.
    3. Where did Yellow go?
    * Event Time: 1/2 05:00 - 1/10 05:00
    * During the event period, adventurers whose Base Level ≥25 can go to Prontera and find [Little Y] and follow [Little Y]'s direction to find Yellow to get [Yellow's Thank You Gift]
    * This event is an exclusive quest to the account. Each account can only participate in it once daily.
    4. Daily Blessing
    * Event Time: January 9th 05:00 - January 25th 05:00
    * During the event period, adventurers whose Base Level ≥25 can go to Prontera and talk to [Yellow] to collect [Yellow's Blessing]
    * This event is an exclusive quest to the account. Each account can only participate in it once daily.
    5. Event Gashapon
    * Event Time: 12/24 05:00 - 1/25 05:00
    * During the event, Prontera Square will have the Exclusive Event Gashapon Machine [Other-dimensional Gashapon]!
    * [Other-dimensional Gashapon] can decompose all skins into several [Larva's Regard], which can be used to exchange all skins in the [Other-dimensional Gashapon]
    Additional Rewards
    Draw 1 Time: Larva Gashapon Coin x30
    Draw 10 Times: Larva's Regard x10
    Draw 30 Times: Larva Headwear Voucher x1
    Draw 50 Times: Larva Costume Self Choice Voucher x1

    ========Time Wish Machine========
    1. [Time Wish Machine] content update
    * The Wish Machine of this season will be spawned near [Card Gashapon Machine] for a limited time between 12/10 05:00 - 2/10 05:00;
    * Adventurers can obtain the still locked headwears, costumes, and other rewards from them!
    2. Draw Rules
    1) In [Time Wish Machine], the player can draw the locked headwears, costumes (you can check the list of headwear available to be drawn from the Wish Machine), and special items [Reunion Proof] from [Adventure Handbook];
    * After obtaining any piece from the Headwear/Costume series, the Headwear/Costume of this series will not be obtained from [Time Wish Machine];
    * You can purchase all items in [Time Wish Machine] at [Reunion Proof];
    2) In [Time Wish Machine], there will be multiple groups based on the quality of Headwear/Costume. After obtaining all items of any groups, the obtain chance of [Reunion Proof] will increase;
    3. [Time Wish Machine] will constantly update more Headwear/Costume in the future, please stay tuned!

    ========Fantasy Generator - Card========
    [Fantasy Generator - Card] Card Pool Update!
    1. Draw Rules
    * Price of Single Draw: 15 Big Cat Coins;
    * Price of Special Offer Draw: 8 Big Cat Coins;
    * Special offers can be drawn 3 times per day. When using the special offer draw, each draw will give [Nolan Card] x50. Special offer time resets at 05:00 daily;
    2. The rarity and corresponding rate per draw are as follows:
    * [Selected Card]: 0.5%;
    * [Preferred Card]: 2.0%;
    * [Featured Card]: 50.0%;
    * [Common Card]: 47.5%;
    3. Selected Card Rules
    * [Selected Cards] include several rare cards;
    * When [Selected Cards] include a Probability Boost Card, drawing [Selected Cards] will have an 80.0% chance to receive one of the Probability Boost Cards;
    * Current Selected Card Rate UP cards are split into [New Card Rate UP] and [Classic Card Rate UP].
    -- [New Card Rate UP], which includes [Devil Squid Card], [Katerina Card], and [Grandma Wolf Card]. The duration of Rate UP is 1/1 05:00 - 1/20 05:00
    -- [Classic Card Rate UP], which includes [Snake Demon Gorgons Card], [Orc Lord Helm Card], and [Time Holder Card]. The duration of Rate UP is 1/20 05:00 - 2/1 05:00
    4. Accumulated Draws Rules
    * If you didn't draw [Preferred Cards] in 55 draws, then the guarantee system is triggered, increasing the chance of drawing [Preferred Cards] until a [Preferred Card] is drawn;
    * If you didn't draw [Selected Cards] in 330 draws, then the guarantee system is triggered, increasing the chance of drawing [Selected Cards] until a [Selected Card] is drawn;
    * The guarantee effect will not be reset as the card pool's renewal until what is guaranteed is acquired, and then the next guarantee will be activated

    ========New Contents========
    1. Newly added the display of the upper limit of Attack SPD and Move SPD in character attributes
    "2. Newly added [Latest Battle Report] button in the GVG season data interface
    * You can view the participation data of your guild members (including mercenaries) in the last Guild War on this interface
    * Participation data will be updated after a new GVG is completely finished"
    3. After the update, tap on the base or job EXP bar to display the experience value in the personal information interface
    4. Thanatos Tower supports party entry and no longer has limited group entry conditions
    "5. Personal information interface optimization
    * Added ""GroupUp"" icon. Adventurers can distinguish between ""PartyUp""""GroupUp"" status according to the icon style
    * The buttons for Number ID, Add to Blacklist, and Delete Friends have been rearranged, and the buttons for the functions more commonly used by adventurers have been placed further forward"
    "6. Instance difficulty optimization
    * Reduced the strength of the monsters on floors 1-20 of Echoing Corridor;
    * Reduced the strength of monsters on the normal floors 1-4 of the Oracle Instance;
    * Adjusted the Adventure and Brave difficulties of the Rift Instance and Seal under Sakura;
    * Adjusted the strength of the adventurer squads in the Echoing Corridor, Oracle Instance, and Battle of Cake"
    "7. Class performance optimization
    * Modified the Priest's [Heal] sound effects
    * Modified Blacksmith's [Earth-shattering Blow] effects
    * Modified the Priest's [Silence], [ Sanctuary] effects"
    "8. Replacement of Headwear rewards in the Heart's Origin
    * [Burning Eyes] adjusted to [Cute Big-Eye Glasses]
    * New Face Accessory can be made at Smile Assistance in Prontera"
    9. Optimized the chance of not being able to cause damage when attacking moving units
    10. Added new instance pathfinding mechanism. Some instances support automatic pathfinding
    "11. Ancient Relics adjustment
    * The newly added [Crystallization Armor] effect is -- All Attributes +10, Phy. ATK +200, M. ATK +200, Phy. DMG/M. DMG +10%, all Race DMG Reduction +10%, ignore Phy. DMG Reflection [Special Unlocked Effect]
    * The newly added [Secret Cloak] effect is -- All Attributes +10, Phy. ATK +200, M. ATK +200, Auto Attack/Skill DMG +10%, Skill DMG Reduction +10%, ignore M. DMG Reflection [Special Unlocked Effect]
    * [Optimized Year Necklace]'s original [Special Unlocked Effect]: The disarm chance of equipment is reduced by half, protecting the Headwear from being disarmed. Changed to: The disarm chance of equipment is reduced by 75%, protecting the Headwear from being disarmed"
    "12. Newly added Enchantment Attribute Upgrade function. The rules are as follows
    * Restrictions: Enchanted equipment with [Enchant Combo] level below 3 or [Combo Characteristics] of ""Patience"" or ""Concentration"" cannot be used.
    * Each time the attribute of the item is upgraded, the system will use the lowest percentage of the current attribute as the upgraded attribute
    * Attribute values will not continue to improve when they reach Max
    * Each upgrade needs to consume a certain amount of [Mora Gold] and [Zeny]
    * Deacon Weekly Missions can produce [Mora Gold] x12 per week. [Battle of Cake] produces 6 and [Gods' Dwelling Instance] produces 6
    * [Enchantment Crystallization] x1 can be exchanged at the Deacon Shop daily"
    "13. Newly added Enchantment Attribute Reset function. The rules are as follows
    * Restrictions: Enchanted equipment without [Enchant Combo] and [Combo Characteristics] of ""Patience"" or ""Concentration"" cannot be used
    * Enchanted attribute reset does not change the [Enchant Combo] and composition characteristics of the attribute type, only re-randomize the third attribute and attribute value
    * A re-randomized attribute will not have the same attribute type as the currently composed [Enchant Combo]
    * Each reset requires a certain amount of [Enchantment Crystallization] to be consumed"
    "14. Newly added Enchantment Attribute Lock function
    * When you use any [Word Coupon] item again on the enchanted equipment with [Enchant Combo], you can consume 1 additional [Enchantment Crystallization] to lock the attributes that are not part of [Enchant Combo]"
    "15. Optimized 10 Consecutive Enchantment Save Function
    * After the update, the unsaved attributes of the 10 consecutive enchantments will be saved when the interface is closed and opened again"
    "16. Updated all Challenge Contents within the Deacon Topics
    * Players who have unlocked but not yet completed all topics online will automatically be considered to have completed all Deacon Topics
    * All remaining rewards will be reissued by email to the first logged-in character in the account"
    "17. King Poring Function Control Optimization
    * Card reset supports batch reset, up to 50 times at a time
    * Card reset adds select all function
    * Advanced customization adds a new sorting function to prioritize not owned and craftable cards
    * Card Decomposition adds a new filter function, which can be filtered by quality
    * Card Decomposition adds a select-all function
    * Destiny Merge adds a batch merge function"
    "18. Equipment Deposits Optimization
    * The same equipment in the storage and backpack allows for stacking
    * The same equipment contains the following concepts:
    -- Original equipment can be stacked with no refinement level, no enchantment attributes, no upgrade attributes, no card insertion, and no new sockets
    -- Equipment can be stacked with the same upgrade stage
    -- Equipment can be stacked with the same number of sockets
    -- Equipment can be stacked with the amount of damage
    * Equipment with the same enchanted stats will not stack
    * No stacking even if there is an equipment card in any socket
    * Level-up attributes, the number of sockets punched, and damaged states are not stackable
    * Equipment socketing, decomposition, instant refinement, and other equipment development interfaces support increasing or decreasing the number of equipment
    * Equipment with a refinement level will not stack"
    "19. Multi-Class System Optimization
    * In the Class interface, tap the current Class development item to jump to the corresponding system, and then support the operation of the system
    * If the progress of the current Class is changed, it will be updated in real-time in the interface
    * Newly added red dot tips and task pathfinding guide when the next stage of Job Advance Requirements are met
    * Fix the problem that the Class icon in the Multi-Class interface may display abnormally
    * When the character is in the state of Warg Rider, Mecha, Transformation, etc., and chooses to switch Class or read the archive of Ymir's notebook, the such state will be canceled and switched"
    "20. Extract Function Optimization
    * Optimized the display of Items in the Oracle Mirror interface, adding the display of the consumption and the number of items in possession of the Extract Light Crystal and other items
    * Extract equipment can now be viewed and equipped directly in the Face/Mouth equipment sidebar"
    21. Optimized the backpack dressing interface background image so that the character's standing position is correct
    22. Optimized the skirt movement focusing on elegant sitting positions and taking pictures for men and women; the same problem of other actions will continue to be optimized
    23. Adjusted the terrain of the spawn point of the defending party in the GVG map to avoid the problem that some Classes can directly attack the Emperium in specific locations
    24. Added [Display Only Locked] checkbox to the Scenic Spot of the Adventure Handbook
    25. Changed the Mount skill [Obeaune Wail] to instantly get 30 minutes of beautiful melody effect
    26. Adjusted the materials to be submitted in the T3 Quest of some Classes
    27. Full view available for Moon Lake Map
    28. Newly added [Chilling Dragon Blade, Battle Befalling, Kitty Swimming Ring, Hydra] Accessory Weapon Skin Transmogrification
    29. Newly added switch button in the Guild Hall interface to support viewing all guilds or guilds in the current channel
    31. Optimized the combat mechanism between Wilderness MVP and the Apocalypse MVP [Tao Gunka].
    The DMG Reduction prior to Tao Gunka's Active Skill [Fallen Stone] is raised from 80% to 99%
    Added New skill [Ground Evasion] to Tao Gunka - [Ground Evasion]: When HP drops to a certain amount, Tao Gunka releases [Ground Evasion]. It drills into the ground, moves to a random area, then stops. Tao Gunka enters invincible status during the travel and is immune to control. If attacked during the stop, Tao Gunka will return to the ground and continue to fight; If the adventurer gets within a 3-meter range around Tao Gunka during the stop, its monsters will move to a random area and then stop until they return to the ground after being attacked.

    ========Fixed Bugs========
    1. Fixed the problem that the Fallen Angel will not charge when the Gunman uses the Fallen Angel more than 3 times quickly in a row in the Team Competition
    2. Fixed the problem that some of the healing class skills cannot heal the certain wounded NPCs within the Void Territory
    3. Fixed the problem that Taekwon's Astrolabe effect [Hatred of the Sun - Fury of Flames] can reduce the Max HP of Mini monsters
    4. Fixed the problems of Hero's Features in the Rune interface display
    5. Fixed the problem that some elegant sitting positions in the Meteor Forest map cannot be used
    6. Fixed the problem that the Weapon Skin Certificate of the Great Voyage cannot be used
    7. Fixed the problem that the Entrustment Quest [Brave's Homecoming] cannot be completed
    8. Fixed the problem that the Refinement Help interface shows Safe Refinement only has 10 levels
    9. Fixed the problem of the weapon skin [Sword of Hogne [2]] disappearing
    10. Fix the problem that the weapon appearance [King's Sword] cannot be deposited
    11. Fixed the problem regarding the Pet Rabbit Lala's skill
    12. Fixed the problem that the BUFF that increases the Auto Attack DMG dropped by Mini in the void field has an abnormal bonus
    13. Fixed the problem that Genovia cannot be summoned when missing the item
    14. Fixed the problem that the adventurer of Desert Wolf map will quit the instance after going offline and online again
    15. Fixed the problem that the [First Encounter and Reunion] task in Hero's Adoramus cannot be performed normally
    16. Fixed the problem that some adventurers cannot set the Runestone of Sorrow in the realm of Poe's mind and cannot continue
    17. Fixed the problem of the abnormal range of Rune Carnage Capoeira triggered by Fallen Angel
    18. Fixed the problem of Costume Transmogrification having a chance to not trigger after switching the map
    19. Fixed the problem of no actual effect of [Storm Mist] in the Magic Dungeon and Samsara Temple
    20. Fixed the Priest Astrolabe [Repentance] damage description error. After the fix, the description becomes Phy. DMG
    21. Fixed the problem that the red dot of the quality point will appear after switching Classed
    22. Fixed the problem that the item in the Wallet cannot be put into the shortcut bar
    23. Fixed the problem that the rewards received in the Heart Wish interface will be lost if the backpack is full
    24. Fixed the problem that the mount will not be displayed in the skill after using the Adventure Skill Rapid Riding
    25. Fixed the problem that the task [Origin Class Transfer] can not be completed, and showing unlocks tomorrow every day
    26. Fixed the problem that when you use the Military Exploit Chest to get Ancient Equipment, the number obtained is wrong
    27. Fixed the problem that the equipment in the storage does not all stack occasionally (need to manually refresh to restore)
    28. Fixed the problem that Yimir's Notebook can't switch Classes in the transformed state
    29. Fixed the problem that refining equipment after Headwear refinement in the guild will result in refining operation failure prompt
    30. Fixed the problem that the Ancient Relic Shards will not be put into the Ancient Relic backpack
    31. Fixed the problem that when the stacked equipment is decomposed, it will not be decomposed if long pressed
    32. Fixed the problem that the stacking of items in the warehouse will fail
    33. Fixed the problem of the Monsters and Deviruchi in Daily Geffen Dungeon having abnormal Facial Expressions.