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  • Jan 29th 2023 Patch Notes

    Dear adventurers,
    We will commence server maintenance during 04:00 - 10:00 on January 29th (GMT+2). This maintenance will update some of the game content and fix some known issues. Unable to join the game during the maintenance period. Thank you for your understanding.
    After the maintenance ends, we will issue maintenance compensation to every adventurer.
    (Beijing Time: 1/29 10:00-16:00)

    See below for the update details this time:
    ========[Chaotic Invasion]========
    Fleeing the Alien world, Morroc decided to invade the Midgards Continent again! He injected his Power of Chaos into monsters and transformed them into "Chaos Monsters". He also opened a rift and release the "Chaos Demons" all over Midgards Continent. To fight against Morroc's invasion, the Kingdom of Rune and the Hufezz Republic are recruiting adventurers from all over the continent to travel to the rift to suppress the monsters and bring them back to normal.
    1. [Chaotic Invasion], a new weekly instance, has been added to the game. Adventurers can unlock it through the side quest [Chaotic Invasion] (available at level 170);
    2. Chaotic Invasion Instances are divided into different danger indices according to the difficulty of the monsters within (only 7-star difficulty is available), so adventurers may choose the monsters to challenge according to their strength.
    3. The number of rewards will be refreshed at 05:00 every Monday. Adventurers need to consume several rewards and 60 points of duration every time they clear an instance to get the rewards, and they cannot receive the rewards when the number of rewards is insufficient or the duration is insufficient.
    "4. Adventurers can select the designated MVP or Mini before entering the instance (only MVP monsters are available now).
    * The instance will be accompanied by other MVPs or Minis and normal monsters in addition to the designated monsters. Adventurers must defeat all the monsters to receive the instance rewards.
    * Other MVPs, Minis, and normal monsters will be refreshed randomly at 05:00 am each day.
    * Other MVPs, Minis, and normal monsters will be refreshed randomly at 05:00 am each day.
    * Adventurers can view the random monsters corresponding to each designated MVP or Mini monster via the Monster Tab at the instance entrance;"
    5. Before the battle begins, all other players in the team can follow to enter the instance; after the captain begins the battle, other players will not be able to follow to enter.
    "6. Rewards for clearing instances of different MVPs or Minis will vary.
    * They are guaranteed to contain designated MVP or Mini drop items, including cards, weapons, equipment, MVP or Mini materials, headwear blueprints, etc. (Adventurers have a chance to obtain the above items)
    * In addition, adventurers can get extra [Mora Gold].
    * Adventurers can view the rewards corresponding to each designated MVP or Mini monster via the Drop Tab at the instance entrance;"

    ========Guild War Optimization=======
    "1. Optimized the display of Strongholds on the minimap
    * Adjusted the number of each Stronghold in GVG and made it permanent in the minimap.
    * The mark of the invulnerable status of the current city's Emperium has been added to the minimap interface."
    "2. Adjusted the invulnerability rules for Emperium in GVG
    * When all the designated Strongholds of the city belong to the defending side, the Emperium is invulnerable and no one can cause substantial damage to it and vice versa.
    * When a Stronghold is in neutral status, the Emperium will be determined to be invincible based on the last occupied party.
    -- When all the designated Strongholds of the city belong to the defending side, the Emperium is invulnerable. If a designated Stronghold is turned into a neutral Stronghold, the Emperium remains invulnerable.
    -- When any designated Stronghold of a city is occupied by the attacking side, the Emperium is vulnerable. If the Stronghold is turned into a neutral Stronghold, the Emperium remains vulnerable.
    -- If the designated Stronghold of a neutral city is never occupied by the attacking side, the Emperium is vulnerable.
    * The designated Strongholds for cities of each size are as follows:
    -- Large/Medium Cities: 1-5
    -- Small Cities: 1-3
    * Newly added text of invulnerability rules for the Emperium in each city has been added to their details interface."
    "3. Push message optimization
    * When the current city's Emperium invulnerability status changes, a notification will be pushed to all attacking adventurers in that city in the system chat channel.
    * When the Emperium invulnerability status of your city changes, a notification will be pushed to all friendly adventurers in the guild/GVG chat channel."

    ========Time Wish Machine========
    "1. [Time Wish Machine] content update
    The Wish Machine of this season will be spawned near [Card Gashapon Machine] for a limited time between February 10th 05:00 - April 10th 05:00;
    Adventurers can obtain the still locked headwears, costumes, and other rewards from them!"
    "2. Draw Rules
    1) In [Time Wish Machine], the player can draw the locked headwears, costumes (you can check the list of headwear available to be drawn from the Wish Machine), and special items [Reunion Proof] from [Adventure Handbook];
    After obtaining any piece from the Headwear/Costume series, the Headwear/Costume of this series will not be obtained from [Time Wish Machine];
    You can purchase all items in [Time Wish Machine] at [Reunion Proof];
    2) In [Time Wish Machine], there will be multiple groups based on the quality of Headwear/Costume. After obtaining all items of any groups, the obtain chance of [Reunion Proof] will increase;"
    3. [Time Wish Machine] will constantly update more Headwear/Costume in the future, please stay tuned!

    ========Fantasy Generator - Card========
    [Fantasy Generator - Card] Card Pool Update!
    "1. Draw Rules
    Price of Single Draw: 15 Big Cat Coins;
    Price of Special Offer Draw: 8 Big Cat Coins;
    You can draw 3 times of special offers per day. When using the special offer draw, each draw will give [Nolan Card] x50. The special offer resets at 05:00 daily;"
    "2. The rarity and corresponding rate per draw are as follows:
    [Selected Card]: 0.5%;
    [Preferred Card]: 2.0%;
    [Featured Card]: 50.0%;
    [Common Card]: 47.5%;"
    "3. Selected Card Rules
    [Selected Cards] include several rare cards;
    When [Selected Cards] include a Probability Boost Card, drawing [Selected Cards] will have an 80.0% chance to receive one of the Probability Boost Cards;
    Current Selected Card Rate UP cards are split into [New Card Rate UP] and [Classic Card Rate UP]
    -- [New Card Rate UP], which includes [Walter Card], [Mentalist Card], and [Bloody Knight Card]. The duration of Rate UP is February 1st 05:00 - February 20th 05:00
    -- [Classic Card Rate UP], which includes [Machine Dragon Wing Card], [Strouf Card], and [Ktullanux Card]. The duration of Rate UP is February 20th 05:00 - March 1st 05:00"
    "4. Accumulated Draws Rules
    If you didn't draw [Preferred Cards] in 55 draws, then the guarantee system is triggered, increasing the chance of drawing [Preferred Cards] until a [Preferred Card] is drawn;
    If you didn't draw [Selected Cards] in 330 draws, then the guarantee system is triggered, increasing the chance of drawing [Selected Cards] until a [Selected Card] is drawn;
    The guarantee effect will not be reset as the card pool's renewal until what is guaranteed is acquired, and then the next guarantee will be activated"

    ========Oracle Instance========
    1. Oracle Instance's 10th floor in normal/elite difficulty is now available. Bring your buddies and challenge it!
    2. Added the reward for clearing Oracle Instance on elite difficulty: Mora Gold
    3. Adventurers are advised not to raid the Oracle Instance before maintenance [January 23, 05:00 - maintenance on January 29] and wait for the update before raiding to avoid losing rewards.

    ========New Contents========
    "1. A newly added hero story. The Continent Guards sensed a strange and powerful Time Rift and needs the help of adventurers
    * Adventurers with Base ≥Lv. 25 can go to Prontera and accept the Main Quest [Baldy and Cyborg], to begin an adventure to become heroes."
    "2. Headwear Vouchers and Costume Self Choice Vouchers from Fantasy Generator - Feast can now be exchanged for [Freyr Coins]
    * A Headwear Voucher can be exchanged for [Freyr Coin] x3
    * A Costume Self Choice Voucher can be exchanged for [Freyr Coin] x5"
    "3. Void Territory optimization
    * Lowered the difficulty of killing Elite Monsters in Void Territory
    * Lord Durabis has started the killing party in Void Territory. Every weekend, the number of affixes of MVP Monsters and Elite Monsters in Void Territory is reduced by 1. After killing an Elite Monster to unlock the Void Legacy, adventurers have a 100% chance to randomly gain an additional buff of the same quality.
    * Some of the MVP Monsters in Void Territory now have additional drops: Mora Gold, with a random drop amount.
    * Adventurers are guaranteed to receive Mora Gold upon killing an MVP. Lucky players have a certain chance to get Mora Gold."
    4. Optimized the summoning process of Revenant MVP. The location of the NPC that triggers the summon and the location of Revenant MVP will be displayed directly on the minimap now, making it easy for adventurers to pinpoint them.
    "5. Quest Optimizations
    * Optimization of the tracking of [Heart’s Origin]'s side quests
    * Adjusted the quest [Enchant!] It will now be auto-accepted when the character reaches Level 55
    * Fixed the issue of incorrect location in the quest [Pigment of Flame]
    * Fixed the issues in the neutrality of the quest [Mjolnir Mountains] and [Rampaging Baphomet Jr.]
    * The following adjustments have been made to the auto acceptance of adventure quests of [Wasteland, Seven Royals, and Eclage]
    -- When players' completion of the development mode in the corresponding area reaches 100%, the adventure quests will not be auto-displayed in the main interface by default when they enter the area again. The conditions are as follows
    -- Wasteland: The max level of the Divine Tree reaches level 32
    -- Eclage: Complete Palace of Beauty's quests and max Brooke's skills
    -- Seven Royals: Unlock and complete all Seven Royals Secret Scrolls"
    6. Added the EXP display of [Base] and [Job] in the Personal Information interface
    7. Optimized the special effect of [Earth-shattering Blow]
    8. Optimized the SFX of [Taunt] and [Bowling Bash]
    9. Removed the gender restriction on the invitation to Dreamy Aquarium
    "10. Added some new attributes and achievements
    * New Attribute [Base HP]: HP unaffected by Max Hp %
    * In Guild Pray to Goddess, each level of [Survival Blessings] can now boost [Phy. DEF] and [Base HP], adjusted from only [Phy. DEF]
    * In Guild Pray to Goddess, each level of [Anti-Magic Blessings] can now boost [M. DEF] and [Base HP], adjusted from only [M. DEF]
    * A number of new achievements have been added, involving modules such as: Attributes, Aeisr Monument, Refinement, Strengthening, Instances, Guild War, Team Competition, and Battle for the Sanctuary. [Base HP] can be obtained upon completion.
    * Some of the new instance and PVP achievements only count for the actions after the feature update"
    "11. Newly added weapons
    * Newly added mace weapons: [Burst Hammer], [Hammer of Solem]
    * Newly added wand weapons: [Wind Wand], [Scepter of Shadowy Wind]
    * [Burst Hammer] is dropped by MVP [Zanubia] in the [Void Territory] map
    * [Hammer of Solem] can be obtained by infusing [Burst Hammer]
    * [Wind Wand] is dropped by MVP [Walter] in the [Void Territory] map
    * [Scepter of Shadowy Wind] can be obtained by infusing [Wind Wand]"
    "12. New MVP in Void Territory
    * New MVP Walter has been added to the east of the Void Wasteland. Adventurers can obtain exclusive cards, headwear, and other items upon defeating him.
    * Adjustment to Zanubia's drops in Void Territory
    * The weapon Zanubia drops has been adjusted from Cursed Sword to [1]Burst Hammer[1].
    * Zanubia and Walter have been added to the Adventure Handbook - Monster Collection"
    "13. Optimization of battle duration rules in Void Territory
    * When a player turns on Lucky Adventurer and the sum of the battle duration and mode duration =6 minutes, she/he can deal damage to the MVP. The player will not consume any duration and receive any reward when winning MVP at the end. If the player gets Lucky Adventurer, he/she will consume 6 minutes of duration and receive corresponding rewards.
    * When a player turns off Lucky Adventurer and the sum of the battle duration and mode duration =6 minutes, she/he cannot deal damage to the MVP in Void Territory.
    * A switch cooldown has been added to the Lucky Adventurer feature"
    14. Adventurers can now spend some Extract Light Crystals and corresponding equipment to raise the extraction cap of extract items
    15. Highly refined equipment and board drop equipment can now be decomposed at the Pyrolising Stove or sold to the item merchant
    "16. Added [Guild War Red Packets]
    * Whenever the conditions are met during Guild War seasons and Casual Play, the corresponding Guild War Red Packets will be sent to the guild leader's mailbox at the end of the Guild War.
    * Guild War Red Packets can be sent to the guild channel or GVG channel
    * The acquisition and distribution of Guild War Red Packets will be recorded in the Guild Log
    * Adventurers can receive [Fine Quartermaster Packs] by meeting the point requirement in [Defend City], [Attack City], [Perfect Defense], and [Perfect Defense], up to 1 for each. Adventurers can obtain a random [Post-War Reconstruction Red Packet] upon opening it.
    * After completing [Occupy the City], 1 [Overlord's Creed Red Packet] will be issued based on the size of the captured Large/Medium/Small Cities, containing [Honor Medal Gift Box] x30/20/10 respectively.
    * [Post-War Reconstruction Red Packet] and [Glorious Medal Chest] contain various system materials, such as Nolan Cards, Gram Dust, Mora Coins, Extract Light Crystals, Praying Card Packs, etc."
    "17. Guild Position & Function Optimization
    * Optimized the management function of guild position & authority, and added a new help button in the interface
    * Added a new mercenary authority, which is enabled by default for all positions
    * Adventurers cannot become mercenaries of other guilds when the mercenary authority of their positions is turned off."
    18. Optimized Battle of Cake. White Snow Marshmallows will no longer get removed each week
    19. Removed the guild's daily maintenance fee that cost guild funds
    20. Added a notification of insufficient items when there are not enough items to cast a skill. Adventurers can now tap the system chat box to quickly purchase the items needed
    21. Optimized the description of premium items. Adventurers can now check the exclusive headwear gifted for free each month through the description of premium items
    22. Optimized the SFX of High Priest's skill [Judex]
    23. Optimized the guide flow of the quest [Sunset Lovers]
    24. Optimized the performance and pathfinding of certain collection quests, including [Kitty House, Gourmet Notes, Heart of the Forest, and Goblin Treasure]
    25. [Calendar] is now in the [Daily] interface
    "26. Featured Costumes and Headwear have been updated, and you can exchange them in the Freyr's Coin Shop.
    * Exchange Time: December 16th 05:00 - February 16th 05:00;
    * New [Galaxy Watcher Outfit];
    * New [Hymn of Glory Series Costumes];
    * New [Christmas Star Series of Costumes];"
    "27. Improved the Team Competition help and added a description of matchmaking and point acquisition rules
    * Season Mode matching rules
    --Credits per 200 points will be divided into a matchmaking segment. According to the team's average points, they will be matched against a team of the current segment, and if failed to find a suitable team within a certain time, they will be expanded to match the matching segment adjacent to their credit segment. For example, teams with 1,900 points will be matched with teams with 1,800 to 2,000 points as a priority, after which they will expand on matching segments to 1,600 to 2,200 points.
    --Teams with 3,000 points or more are divided into the same matchmaking segment, so when the average team score reaches 3,000 points, only teams with 2,800 points or more will be matched at most. If a suitable team is not found within the maximum match duration of 30 minutes, matchmaking will fail.
    * Season Mode point rules
    -- Every win/loss in season mode will increase/reduce your Season Points
    No points will be deducted for losses until you reach 2,000 points, after which the number of points deducted for losses will increase as your points go up.
    --After the individual points reach 3,000 points, the points gained from winning or points deducted from losing in the part above 3,000 points will be discounted on a 1/10 basis. For example, if a player with 3,005 points wins a game and deserves to increase 100 points, the score will become 3,015 points after conversion, and if he loses a game and deserves to deduct 100 points, 50 points will be deducted first to 3,000 points, and then the remaining 50 points will be deducted normally, and the score will become 2,950 points after settlement. Similarly, 2,950 points will revert to 3,005 points after winning and getting 100 points."
    "28. Adjustment of rules for obtaining daily [Mora Gold] reward
    * Removed the reward of Mora Gold from Deacon's weekly quest [Oracle Instance] and [Battle of Cake]
    * Added the reward for clearing Oracle Instance on elite difficulty: Mora Gold
    -- Guaranteed to get one on difficulty 1-5
    -- Guaranteed to get one on difficulty 6-10, with a chance to get an extra one
    -- The reward is affected by the first 3 clears x3"
    29. Display optimization of the Oracle Mirror interface and newly added corner marker display for [Activated] equipment
    30. Increased the max number of friends to 300
    31. Increased the Skill Rune Bag's cap from 600 to 900
    32. Added account attribute reward of [Base HP] for some of the quests of [Prontera, Morroc, Payon, and Glast Heim] in the Adventure Chapter
    "33. Optimization of Battle of Cake
    * Reduced the Flee of monsters in Battle of Cake
    * Optimization of the start notification. Added ""The battle begins"" alert for Elnie in the instance"
    "34. Display optimization of the Adventure Handbook
    * Removed the display of the friend ranking system from the Adventure Handbook's home page
    * Added the display of adventure progress and attribute bonuses of each system of the Adventure Handbook on the home page"
    "35. Quest Optimizations
    * Optimized the experience of Morroc's main story instances
    * Optimized the flow of the main quest [Refining Gift]. Adventurers no longer need to repeatedly travel between Prontera and Izlude
    * Optimized the quest flow of [Song and Dance and Underground Laboratory] of Lighthalzen
    * Moved the Rift Instance of Mjolnir Mountains' main quest to outside the Sky Isle
    * Added the new SFX and special effects when Buff Potions and food are used
    * Optimized the headwear quest. Now, adventurers can get blueprints upon completing the quest
    * Optimized the performance and pathfinding of certain collection quests"
    36. Optimized the SFX of certain Crusader Skills
    37. Optimized the display of debuffs in the status bar of [Oracle Instance, Thanatos Tower, Ponape Museum Island, and Exploring the Lost Isle]

    ========Fixed Bugs========
    1. Fixed the issue that Taekwondo Horoscope would be removed by the [Blackhole] effect
    2. Fixed the issue that the teammates bound by the Queen of Dragon could still trigger Nidhogg's feature 7 passive skill [Streamer of Fallen Night] when attacking after Nidhogg's runes were disabled by rogues
    3. Fixed the issue that the HP bar would not show the remaining number when Genos' passive skill [Devil Cyborg] was triggered
    4. Fixed the issue that certain equipment could be enchanted
    5. Fixed the issue that the archive information of shortcut items in Yimir's Notebook was incorrect
    6. Fixed the issue that the additional effect of [Drake]'s internal drive for excellence was not triggered correctly
    7. Fixed the issue that [Bloodbath ★ Card]'s effect was abnormal
    8. Fixed the issue that the buff icons of Thanatos' skill [Heart of Steel] and [Demonic Thrill] did not match their skill icons
    9. Fixed the issue that the monsters refreshed when adventurers entered Valhalla Ruins from Home City had a chance to be different from those refreshed when adventurers entered instances from the field
    10. Fixed the issue of abnormal position display of the tail & headwear [Green Vine]
    11. Fixed the issue that the pre-requisite level condition of the main quest [Emergency] was not properly displayed
    12. Fixed the issue that the starting level notification of Ancient Relics on several classes' interfaces had errors
    13. Fixed the issue that the guide of Underground Geffen's side quest [Craft Machine Core] was not properly displayed
    14. Fixed the issue that no camera icon was available for the Soul Hunting Grounds and the shooting was invalid
    15. Fixed the issue where some adventurers could not purchase pet materials
    16. Fixed the issue that the [Shadow of Baphomet] couldn't be carried out normally
    17. Fixed the issue that [Zanubia] in Void Territory would not be refreshed normally and had no summoned creatures
    18. Fixed the issue that Saint Token[1] dropped by MVP Zanubia and Walter would not give unlocked attributes after it was under absolute control
    19. Fixed the issue that Genos could not turn when tapping on monsters during the release of Rechargeable Incendiary Gun
    20. Fixed the issue that Knight's skill [HP Alight] had an abnormal effect when dispelled
    21. Fixed the issue that the boss icon on MVP's HP bar would disappear
    22. Fixed the issue that some players' equipment could be enchanted
    23. Fixed the issue that Deacon Quests were not deleted when Heart's Origin reached max level
    24. Fixed the issue that touching pets may cause an abnormal display in the interface
    25. Fixed the issue that the special effect of mount [Marshmallow Dream] was not properly displayed
    26. Fixed the issue that the red dot would not disappear in the guild return event for some players
    27. Fixed the issue that the interface showed incomplete after the rewards for the 7th day of Meow Eden were claimed early
    28. Fixed the issue that some Hero Classes would not show the class icon under PVP Spectating
    29. Fixed the issue that the random attributes displayed in the pop-up box would change when Ancient Equipment was socketed
    30. Fixed the issue that some pet materials were missing from the Pet Material Shop on new servers
    31. Fixed the issue that the Golden Age Series and Royal Knight Series Costume could not switch gender
    32. Fixed the issue that certain Enchantment Vouchers couldn't lock the third word
    33. Fixed the issue that Void Territory's boss, Walter wouldn't drop Crystalline of Original Sin properly
    34. Fixed the issue of the inaccurate description of Mora Gold dropped by Void Territory's bosses
    35. Fixed the issue that the Knight's skill [Death Tie] was still in effect after it was out of range
    36. Fixed the issue that Mysteltainn in Walter summoning mode would be pulled to other parts of the map, causing the summoning of Walter to fail
    37. Fixed the issue that the range increase effect of Phoenix Feature Arrows was lost after the map was switched
    38. Fixed the issue that the text of system notification and guild notification in instances became faded
    39. Fixed the issue that some players couldn't complete the advance quest for Adventurer Class D (they had to go to NPC Kakaro manually to talk to him)
    40. Fixed the issue that Refine +11 would be incorrectly displayed as Refine +15 when shared in the game
    41. Fixed the issue that the transmitter in Homunculus Lab's 2F was not properly displayed
    42. Fixed the issue that the front filter in the Guild interface - Guild War status interface was not properly displayed
    43. Fixed the issue that the special words on equipment enchantment were bugged and could not take effect
    44. Fixed the issue that adventurers would not receive rewards after completing the side quest "Sunset Lovers" and the guide quest "Thanatos Team Instance"