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  • Feb 23rd 2023 Patch Notes

    Dear adventurers,
    We will commence server maintenance during 04:00 - 10:00(GMT+2) on February 23rd. This maintenance will update some of the game content and fix some known issues. Unable to join the game during the maintenance period. Thank you for your understanding.
    After the maintenance ends, we will issue maintenance compensation to every adventurer.
    To provide you with a better game experience, certain Channels within our server will be merged within the maintenance of February.
    To ensure the smooth operation of the system, from the start of the maintenance on 2/22 at 05:00 to 2/23, when the maintenance ends (GMT +2 Timezone), we will be closing the Guild Move function temporarily. Please plan ahead of time.
    -The guild's Channel will be moved to the merged Channel.
    -All occupied castles will be restored to neutral castles.
    -All established parties will be immediately disbanded.
    Merge Reward:
    The below Events will be started after maintenance:
    * From 2/23 after the maintenance to 3/1 05:00, the player can additionally obtain [Glittering Rune Stone - Star] x1, [Adventurer Coin] x1, [Time Adventure Potion] x1 from the first completion of the board quest daily
    * From 05:00 3/2 to 05:00 3/9, the player can additionally obtain [Glittering Rune Stone] x1, [Adventurer Coin] x1, [Fortune Coin] x10 from the first completion of the board quest daily

    Thank you for your support and understanding of RO: M. We wish you a good time~

    ========Hero Class========
    Newly added Hero Class [Hela]
    1. Unlocking Method
    * Players with a T4 Class Begetter character can use an [Echo of Fate Voucher] at the [Class] - [Hela] interface to unlock Hela
    * In the Class interface, use [Big Cat Coin 88] to purchase an [Echo of Fate Voucher]
    * Players can also use [Big Cat Coin 88] to purchase in the [Tip] interface
    * Players can try out the Hela Class under the [Class] - [Hela] interface and the [Tip] - [Hero] interface
    * When you try to unlock a new class, please move your Class Change Vouchers from your Storage, Cart, and Guild Storage to your Backpack. Otherwise, an issue that BCC are deducted instead of Class Change Vouchers might occur. The game developers are aware of the issue and are working to fix it. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.
    2. Development Path
    * Characteristic
    -- Characteristic is a Hero Class's Exclusive Core Skills. It starts at Lv. 1 when the Hero is unlocked and maxes out at Lv. 7
    -- By activating Runes with specific Words, you can level up the Characteristic Level, and unlocking Levels 4 and 7 will additionally grant powerful Skill Effects respectively.
    * Skill: Raise Hela's Job Level to obtain Skill Points
    -- The Job Level of Hela is capped at Lv. 86
    * Rune: Added 3 Exclusive Grade S Skill Runes and 3 S Star Skill Runes for Hela
    -- Identify Runes for a chance to obtain Hela Exclusive Skill Runes. In addition, Rune Smelting also allows the operation of the Hero's Runes
    * Aeisr Monument: Added Hela's exclusive Aeisr Monument. Adventurers can activate them all upon unlocking the Hero Class.
    3. Hero Fetters
    * Under the [Class] - [Hela] - [Hero Fetters] interface, adventurers can complete a series of Growth Quests to unlock the brand-new hero's story
    * After completing the hero's story, you can obtain an Exclusive Weapon Skin and Headwear Skin, and also unlock a secret part of the hero's life
    "4. The Gold Coin Store is offering [Hero Class [Hela] Bundle], [Class Unlocking Lucky Bag - Hela], [Rapid Growth Gift Pack - Hela], [Hero Advance Giftpack - Hela], [Magic Wing Staff Supply Box] on sale.
    Bundle purchase is recommended. Please note that when purchasing duplicate giftpacks, you may experience duplicate Job Potions."
    "* On Sale:
    February 23rd 05:00 - March 23rd 05:00"
    "[Hero Class [Hela] Bundle]
    Price: 540 Big Cat Coins. Each account is limited to 1 purchase. Open it to obtain [Class Unlocking Lucky Bag - Hela] x1, [Rapid Growth Gift Pack - Hela] x1, [Hero Advance Giftpack - Hela] x1"
    "[Class Unlocking Lucky Bag - Hela]
    Price: 98 Big Cat Coins. Each account is limited to 1 purchase. Open it to obtain [Class Voucher] x1, [Refined Job Potion - Alchemist] x2,000."
    "[Rapid Growth Gift Pack - Hela]
    Price: 198 Big Cat Coins. Each account is limited to 1 purchase only
    The giftpack can only be used for the [Hela] Class. Open it to obtain [+10 Prayer of Death [1]] x1, [Exclusive Job Potion - Hela] x1, [Weapon - Magic 2 Enchantment Voucher] x1, [Resounding Dream - Star Rune] x1, [Memory Extraction - Star Rune] x1, [Spectral Entanglement - Star Rune] x1,[ Bloodline Awakening Rune] x1, [Harvest of Death Rune] x1, [Vicious Canine Rune] x1, [Heroic Monument] x1, [Ashen Armor] x1, [Honor Shoulder Badge] x1, [Refined War Boots] x1, [Necklace of Oath] x2"
    "[Hero Advance Giftpack - Hela]
    Price: 428 Big Cat Coins. Each account is limited to 1 purchase only
    The giftpack can only be used for the [Hela] Class. Open it to obtain [+12 Prayer of Death [2]] x1, [Hela Rune Supply] x10, [Magic Wing Staff Supply Box] x5, [+10 Heroic Monument [1]] x1, [+10 Ashen Armor [1]] x1, [+10 Honor Shoulder Badge [1]] x1, [+10 Refined War Boots [1]] x1, [+10 Necklace of Oath [1]] x2, [Cloak - Divine Blessing 2 Enchantment Voucher] x1, [Accessory - Tenacity 2 Enchantment Voucher] x1, [Off-hand - Insight 2 Enchantment Voucher] x1, [Footgear - Divine Blessing 2 Enchantment Voucher] x1"
    "[Magic Wing Staff Supply Box]
    Price: 18 Big Cat Coins with no purchase limit. Open it to randomly obtain +4-+12 [Magic Wing Staff [1]] x1"

    ========Class Balance Adjustment========
    1. Added a new ninja rune, [Highwind Pursuit - Star Rune]
    * [Wind Shuriken - Swift Shadow] causes Phy. DEF -1%-30% to enemies within range
    * [Wind Shuriken - Swift Shadow] Cooldown -0.1-1.5s
    * [Wind Shuriken - Swift Shadow] can no longer be used against the ground but against certain targets. When the target dies, leaves a [Wind Shuriken - Swift Shadow] on the ground
    2. Alchemy Skill [Fire Expansion] no longer requires a prerequisite to learn
    3. Alchemy Skill [Homunculus Merge] no longer makes the Homunculus disappear after use (and will no longer gain the Homunculus' Skill)
    4. Changed the Alchemy Skill [Homunculus Repair]'s fixed Cast Duration into Variable Cast Time.
    5. Changed Alchemy Rune [Void Summon Rune]'s word from "Grants an Additional Homunculus" to "Grants an Additional Homunculus. Furthermore, all Homunculus will not die"
    6. Added a new word to the Alchemy Rune [Vine Purgatory Rune]: [Hell Plant] Summon to the maximum capacity when used
    7. The Alchemy Homunculus inherits its master's special attributes such as ignoration, puncture, race, etc.
    8. When the alchemist is attacked, the Homunculus will automatically counterattack
    9. Homunculus Skill Adjustment:
    * Increased the skill multiplier of [Sonic Claw, Silver Charge, Golden Hoof, Caprice, Lava Torrent, Bio Explosion, Tinder Breaker] and reduced their cooldown
    * Added a new effect to Eleanor's skill [Sonic Claw]: Reduces the target's Move SPD and Attack SPD by 10%/20%/...50% for 5 seconds
    * Adjusted the increased Phy. DMG taken of Eleanor's skill [Midnight Berserk] from 2%/4%/... 10% to 6%/12%/...30%
    * Amistr' skill [Wild Clamor] now only works on players for 1 second
    * Increased the damage of Amistr's skill [Blood Lust]. Amistr no longer loses HP now
    * Added a new effect to Vanilmirth's skill [Bio Explosion]: The damage effect can stack up
    * Modified the effect of Vanilmirth's skill [Magic Devour]: Removes all debuffs and abnormal status from the master and makes the master immune to debuffs for 3/4/5 seconds
    10. Adjusted the cooldown of Mechanic Skill [The Pioneer] from 100/90/...60 seconds to 60/50/...20 seconds
    11. Adjusted the effect of Mechanic Skill [Machine Learning] from "The Pioneer will release a random assembly skill periodically" to "The Pioneer will release all assembly skills periodically, up to 4". Adjusted the skill release interval from 12/11/...3 seconds to 14/13/...5 seconds. Casting buff skills doesn't use action and occupy intervals, and it can be used in non-combat status.
    12. Adjusted the effect of Mechanic Skill [Parts Replacement] from "every 10 seconds" to "every 5 seconds"
    13. Adjusted the Mechanic Rune [Mech Pulse - Star Rune] from Phy. ATK +1%-20% to Pen. +10%-50% and its Skill DMG Reduc. from 1%-30% to 10%-50%
    14. Added a new effect to Mechanic Skill [AI]: Increases the damage of the Pioneer by 10%/20%/...50% and reduces the cooldown from 30 seconds to 20 seconds. Fixed Cast is removed
    15. Removed the casting condition of Mechanic skill [Emergency Support] and added a new effect: The Pioneer now shares the damage Lightbringer takes for 10 seconds
    16. Adjusted the skill multiplier of Priest Skill [Holy Light Strike] from 130%/160%/...400% to 150%/200%/...600%
    17. Adjusted the peak level skill multiplier of Priest Skill [Magnus Exorcismus] from 1,025%/1,050%/...1,250% to 1,100%/1,200%/...2,000%
    18. Priest Skill [Magnus Exorcismus] now only costs Blue Gemstone upon reaching peak level.
    19. Adjusted the effect of Priest Astrolabe [Magnus Exorcismus - Mastery] from "deals 7%/14%/21% skill damage to all races" to "deals 25%/50%/75% skill damage to all races"
    20. Adjusted the effect of Priest Rune [Pray Adoramus Rune] from "[Adoramus] damage +1%-30%" to "[Adoramus] damage +1%-30%, and [Adoramus] has a 1%-30% chance to trigger [Magnus Exorcismus]
    21. Knight Skill [Deep Cut] no longer requires a prerequisite to learn
    22. Knight Skill [Abyss' Arrival - Darkness] now provides an additional 6%/12%/...30% Ignore DEF
    23. Knight Skill [Abyss' Arrival - Darkness] no longer requires to be in the range of [Abyss' Arrival] to take effect. It only requires [Abyss' Arrival] to be present.
    24. Adjusted Knight Rune [Dark Dragon Flame - Star Rune]'s additional dark Phy. DMG from 10%-60% to 10%-80%
    25. Knight Skill [Dark Knight] now works on breath skills
    26. Adjusted the Card Skill [Cluster Blast]'s Cooldown from 10 seconds to 5 seconds.
    27. Added a new word effect to the Mage Rune [Soul Vortex]: Every 5 seconds, the next auto attack will automatically trigger [Tetra Vortex].
    28. Added a new word effect to the Mage Rune [Thunder Lightning]: Jumps of [Chain Lightning] no longer increase damage. Damage dealt to all targets depends on the max number of jumps
    29. Added a new Word effect to the Priest Rune [Dark Rival Rune]: [Demon Bane] is effective on Dark Monsters.
    30. Added a new Word effect to the Priest Rune [Divine Healing Rune]: Recovery of [Coluceo Heal] cannot be shifted or converted into damage.
    31. Added a new Word string to the Alchemy Rune [Berserk Flame Rune]: [Improved Acid Demonstration], [Fire Expansion], and [Crazy Throwing] no longer cost Bottle Grenade and Acid Bottle.

    ========Team Competition ========
    Season 14 of the Team Competition starts on the 4th of March
    1. Start time is 20:00 - 23:00 every Saturday and lasts 4 weeks, i.e. March 4th to March 25th
    2. Team Competition Matchmaking Rules Optimization
    * When you reach 3,000 points during the season, the point basis for win/loss will be reduced and gaining points will be slower;
    * Points deducted from losses will be reduced when you are below 2,600 points during the season;
    * Adjusted the point range for matchmaking and extended the maximum matchmaking period. Meanwhile, teams with a large gap in points will not be matched with each other, for example, teams with an average above 3,000 points will not be matched with teams with an average below 2800 points. Matchmaking will fail if there is no available team within the matchmaking period;
    * Adjusted the probability that [Magic Dungeon], [Samsara Temple], and [Reversi] will be randomly picked to 1:1:1;
    3. At the end of the season, [Team Competition] 's tournament session will start
    * Tournament Time: March 27th, 2023 - April 1st, 2023;
    * At the end of the Tournament, rewards will be issued according to the Tournament ranking and season points, and the points settlement for each season will be adjusted at the end of the Tournament.
    4. Tournament Participation and Rules
    1) New [Tournament Mode] available on [Arena] - [Competitive Mode] tab;
    2) The team assembly time lasts from 05:00 Monday to 24:00 Friday. The adventurer must create/join a tournament team. When the team is filled with 6 players, and all members have selected Confirm, the captain can sign up as a team to join the tournament;
    3) The registration time lasts from 05:00 Friday to 24:00 Friday. The ranking of the registered teams will be settled based on the 6 in-team members' total points from the ranked match of the current season. The top 32 teams in the ranking are qualified to join the official match;
    4) Upon the end of the registration, the PVP team ranked match scores of the participating teams will be used to settle and confirm the bracket. See the matching rules below:
    * The order is based on the Team Competition scores. The first 1/2 of the teams will be seed teams (For example, 16 teams will be chosen from 32 teams) and will not meet in the first round
    (And the top 1/4 seeded teams will not meet in the first two rounds)
    * The remaining teams will be randomly assigned
    * In the final, all (8 teams) will be randomly assigned
    5. Team Competition Format Adjustment
    * Adjusted the probability that the three Team Competition maps, [Magic Dungeon], [Samsara Temple], and [Reversi] will be randomly picked to 1:1:1;
    * Adjusted the max game length of Magic Dungeon and Samsara Temple from 15 min to 12 min;
    * Adjusted the length of each round of the tournament from 30 min to 15 min;
    * During the tournament matchmaking, you can tap the Matching Interface to view the specific matchup for the upcoming round (e.g. "Magic Dungeon matchmaking in progress");
    * Starting from the semifinal of the tournament, the winner will be decided in the form of best of 3. And the 3 instance games will be played in a fixed order of "Magic Dungeon - Reversi - Samsara Temple". If the first two games are won by the same team, the third game won't be played.
    6. Tournament Schedule Rules
    1) The first round of the match will start at 8:00 PM Saturday. In the first 15 minutes of the match (7:45 PM - 8:00 PM), the Captain must select [Start Matchmaking] to confirm joining the match. The team that fails to select [Start Matchmaking] within the given 15 minutes is considered to have forfeited the game;
    2) When there are team members who have not registered, offline members, or there are fewer than 3 members in the team, the team cannot start matchmaking;
    3) The match goes with the system of single elimination. Among the 32 teams, there will be 5 rounds of games held to determine the final champion. The defeated team in the last round will be the runner-up. The two defeated teams from the second to last matches will both be 2nd runner-ups;
    8. Tournament Rewards
    * Champion -- Red King Monster Egg, Glittering Rune Stone x40, S14 Season Reward Avatar Frame Lv.3, S14 Season Reward Background Board Lv.3
    * Runner Up -- Red King Monster Egg, Glittering Rune Stone x25, S14 Season Reward Avatar Frame Lv.3, S14 Season Reward Background Board Lv.3
    * 3 - 8th Place -- Red King Monster Egg, Glittering Rune Stone x15, S14 Season Reward Avatar Frame Lv. 3, S14 Season Reward Background Board Lv. 3
    * 9 - 16th Place -- Crimson Yaksha Monster Egg, Glittering Rune Stone x10, S14 Season Reward Avatar Frame Lv. 2, S14 Season Reward Background Board Lv. 2
    * 16-32nd Place and Top 200 places in Season Points -- Flaming Beast Monster Egg, Glittering Rune Stone x10, S14 Season Reward Avatar Frame Lv. 1, S14 Season Reward Background Board Lv. 1

    ========GVG Guild War========
    1. GVG City Capture Rules Adjustment
    * If a guild had occupied a city that was empty before the battle began in this GVG, the city is recorded as a reserve city for this guild. During the City Checkout Period:
    -- When the city is abandoned by the final occupier, it is added to the selection list of the last guild which occupied the city and traced back step by step until a guild occupies the city.
    -- If no guild can be traced back again and no guild will occupy the city eventually, the city will remain empty in the end.
    * If a guild ends up occupying a city that was not empty before the start of the war at the end of this GVG, that city will be added to the list of optional cities of the guild to which the city belonged before the start of the war once the occupation is abandoned.
    * If the Guild Chairman chooses to [Quick Occupy] a city in the interface during the City Checkout Period:
    -- The retroactive determination of reserve cities will also skip that guild and directly trace back to the last occupied guild.
    * For guilds that have not made a choice during the City Checkout Period, the system will execute the choice in the order of [Original City] > [Maximum Size].
    -- When judging [Maximum size], it includes temporarily occupied cities and reserve cities that have the right to be chosen.
    2. GVG new season S2 is starting soon.
    * The season runs for 6 weeks, from March 2, 2023 to April 6, 2023. Each Guild will now be ranked based on the sum of its top 3 credits.
    * At the beginning of the new season:
    -- All cities will be reset to neutral status;
    -- GVG Summit's season groups will be reset;
    -- The progress of Great Guild Stew will be reset.
    -- GVG season gear will be recovered.
    3. New Season Reward
    * All members of the top N+1 guilds in the server leaderboard (N is the number of front in the server) will be rewarded with the season mount [Yearning Cold Star].
    * Only characters who joined the guild one week before the end of the last GVG regular season game are eligible to receive season rewards.
    * Members of the winning guild will be rewarded with additional season trophies.

    ========Fantasy Generator - Card========
    [Fantasy Generator - Card] Card Pool Update!
    1. Draw Rules
    * Price of Single Draw: 15 Big Cat Coins;
    * Price of Special Offer Draw: 8 Big Cat Coins;
    * Special offers can be drawn 3 times per day. When using the special offer draw, each draw will give [Nolan Card] x50. Special offer time resets at 05:00 daily;
    2. The rarity and corresponding rate per draw are as follows:
    * [Selected Card]: 0.5%;
    * [Preferred Card]: 2.0%;
    * [Featured Card]: 50.0%;
    * [Common Card]: 47.5%;
    3. Selected Card Rules
    * [Selected Cards] include several rare cards;
    * When [Selected Cards] include a Probability Boost Card, drawing [Selected Cards] will have an 80.0% chance to receive one of the Probability Boost Cards;
    * Current Selected Card Rate UP cards are split into [All New Card UP] and [Classic Card UP].
    -- [All New Card UP], which includes [Witch of Calamity Card], [Runemaster Thanatos Card], and [Bloody Murderer Card]. The duration of Rate UP is March 1st 05:00 - March 20th 05:00
    -- [Classic Card UP], which includes [Genovia Card], [Lord of Death Card], and [Dark Lord Card]. The duration of Rate UP is March 20th 05:00 - April 1st 05:00
    4. Accumulated Draws Rules
    * If you didn't draw [Preferred Cards] in 55 draws, then the guarantee system is triggered, increasing the chance of drawing [Preferred Cards] until a [Preferred Card] is drawn;
    * If you didn't draw [Selected Cards] in 330 draws, then the guarantee system is triggered, increasing the chance of drawing [Selected Cards] until a [Selected Card] is drawn;
    * The guarantee effect will not be reset as the card pool's renewal until what is guaranteed is acquired, and then the next guarantee will be activated

    ========Adventurer's Returning Event========
    Adventurer's Returning Event is available
    "1. Event Deadline:
    05:00, March 23, 2023"
    2. Event Participation Rules
    * The adventurers who have met the condition of being [All characters in the account have not logged in for more than 15 days] before 05:00, 23rd February 2023 can unlock the [The Journey Continues] feature;
    * The adventurers who have participated in the previous session of [The Journey Continues] are required to meet the condition of being [All characters in the account have not logged in for more than 30 days] to unlock the feature;
    * Adventurer whose character's Base Level has reached Lv. 100;
    * The adventurer who meets the condition will activate the [The Journey Continues] event upon login. The event lasts for 30 days in total, during which the player may claim ample rewards;
    * The adventurer who has already completed [The Journey Continues] event may not activate the returning event this time;
    3. Returning adventurers will receive special buff effects
    * Quest Rewards:
    -- Completion of daily quests grants [Proof of Return], which can be used to exchange for ample rewards at the shop;
    -- Completion of daily quests grants [Guild Present] and [Encounter Present], which can be used to send red packets to the chat channel. Adventurers may tap on the red packet to claim Zeny;
    * Team Bonus:
    -- Finding NPC [Raven - Star Guidance] after completing [Designated Instance] allows all team members to claim 1 additional order of rewards. Each account can only obtain rewards once from each designated instance every week;
    -- Designated Instances include: Endless Tower, Oracle Instance, Valhalla Ruins, Echoing Corridor, Niflheim Purgatory, Runemaster Thanatos, Ponape Museum Island, and Exploring the Lost Isle;
    -- Returning Adventurers will receive additional rewards [Voucher Self-select Gift Box];
    -- (Non-returning) Members will receive additional rewards: available to obtain [Proof of Return] after activating [Reunion Appreciation Gift]. There is also a chance to get rare back headwear [The Long Night];
    -- After opening up to the 15th [Reunion Appreciation Gift], an adventurer will definitely obtain the [The Long Night]; this guarantee can be triggered repeatedly.
    * EXP Bonus: Killing monsters in the wild will grant Base EXP and Job EXP +100%;
    * Exclusive Tag: You will have an exclusive returning ID tag in the chat channel;
    * Exclusive Skills:
    - Returning Adventurers will receive the skill [Guardianship Revisited] upon entering the instance, which can be used to grant all team members with Invincible status for 5s;
    -- Each weekly instance can only be used once daily;
    4. Exclusive Giftpack
    Returning adventurers will trigger the exclusive giftpack "Time Gift" when they log into the game. You can get [Time Invitation] x300 for just 68 Big Cat Coins
    5. For detailed rules and rewards content, you may go to [New Event] - [The Journey Continues] interface to confirm.
    Adventurers' Call Ally Event is available
    1. Event Deadline: 05:00, March 30, 2023
    2. Event Participation Rules
    During the event, all non-returning adventurers will participate in the [Call Ally] event. Invite returning adventurers to log into the game and enter the invitation code in the "The Journey Continues" interface to receive awesome rewards!

    ========New Contents========
    "Tip Store Content Adjustments
    * The content of [Daily Special Adventure Giftbox, Combined Fate Supply Box, Daily Special Offer Adventure Giftbox (Monthly), and Combined Fate Supply Box (Monthly)] will be adjusted after the update. The details are as follows:
    * Daily Special Adventure Giftbox: Zeny x500,000, Time Invitation x10, Time Adventure Potion x1, White Snow Marshmallow x1, Adventure Riceball x30, Eden Coin x150
    * Combined Fate Supply Box: Zeny x1,500,000, Nolan Card x60, Big Cat Voucher · I x15, Mora Gold x4, Gram Dust x12
    * After the update, adventurers who have bought [Daily Special Adventure Giftbox (Monthly)] and [Combined Fate Supply Box (Monthly)] will receive daily giftpacks with updated content
    * New options of 12 Big Cat Coins and 60 Big Cat Coins for Gold Coin Tip
    *2x Discount of the 1st Top-up has been reset: For every tier of Big Cat Coin, the first top-up of each account will be gifted with 2x Big Cat Coins after the maintenance"
    "New [Tip] Products
    * At 05:00 on February 27th, [Premium Gear Gift Box, Premium Rune Gift Box, Premium Enchantment Gift Box, Premium Extract Gift Box] will be replaced with:
    -- Premium Gear Supply: Priced at 10 Big Cat Coins. Open it to obtain [Hearth Embers x2, Sea Spirit Remnants x2, Divine Metal x25, Elunium x25]. You are guaranteed to obtain [Golden Badge of the Seas x1] on the 5th opening
    -- Premium Rune Supply: Priced at 30 Big Cat Coins. Open it to obtain [Glittering Rune Stone x1, Glittering Rune Stone - Star x1]. You are guaranteed to obtain [Grade S Rune of Your Class x1, Grade S Star Rune of Your Class x1] on the 5th opening
    -- Premium Enchantment Supply: Priced at 12 Big Cat Coins. Open it to obtain [Mora Gold x5, Mora Coin x20, Oracle Dust x12, Oracle Crystal x12]. You are guaranteed to obtain [Enchantment Crystallization x1] on the 5th opening
    -- Premium Extract Supply: Priced at 12 Big Cat Coins. Open it to obtain [Extract Light Crystal x4]. You are guaranteed to obtain [Extract Light Weapon Selection Giftbox x1] on the 5th opening
    -- [Premium Gift Box] and [Premium Supply]'s guaranteed attempts are independent
    * Updated some of the giftbox icons in [Tip]. Adventurers can now view the giftbox content more easily!"
    "The mini instance of the [Chaotic Invasion] (7-star difficulty) is now available.
    * Different from MVP instances, a mini instance only takes 30 minutes to clear.
    * Each player can get rewards up to 10 times per week, which are calculated separately from the MVP instances' rewards."
    In the Team Competition maps, players can now use Yimir's Notebook to switch equipment in whole sets.
    In the Adventure Chapter, some quests in [Luoyang, Wasteland, Rachel, Moon Lake, Eclage, Comodo, and Seven Royals] now provide several attribute rewards: [Base HP].
    Added the "Not Owned" filter to the Blueprint, Headwear, and Card tab in the Exchange.
    Added the "Not Owned" filter to the Headwear tab in the Adventure Handbook.
    Added a button in the Camera interface to open the advanced configuration quickly, facilitating players to take more adorable photos!
    Added a Multiplayer Display button in the Camera interface. Open it to photograph more guild members when taking photos in the Guild territory!
    Added specific strength info about your Home Stakes, which can be viewed in the Help interface of Stake Settings.
    The new MVP, Witch of Calamity, shows up in the east of Void Prison. She has a chance to drop weapons, exclusive cards, and headwear when defeated
    "Adjusted the drops of Zanubia and Walter, the MVPs in the Void Territory
    * Changed the Chatoyant Opal, one of Zanubia's drops, into Fallen Crystal.
    * Changed the Chatoyant Opal, one of Walter's drops, into Solid Gold Tooth Nail."
    "Optimized the tips about Equip Break and Unequipping.
    * Equip Break
    — On an Equip Break, the specific part name will be displayed instead of the equipment name;
    — The pop-up will appear only when a piece of equipment goes from unbroken to broken;
    * Unequipping
    — When getting unequipped, the specific part name will be displayed instead of the equipment name;"
    Optimized displays of some quests: after being unchecked in the Quest interface and reset, the quest [Scary blade] and [Abyssal Threat] will not be displayed on the Main Interface.
    Optimized SFX of some Hunter skills
    "Refinement Experience Optimization
    * Safe Refinement now supports the use of equipment with refine +12 and below (including damaged equipment) and perforated equipment
    * Safe Refinement is now performed based on refinement value. And equipment with higher refining levels can provide higher refinement values when serving as a material in the conversion.
    * After the Safe Refinement is done, if the refinement values left are not enough to reach the next refining level, they'll be reserved on your main equipment for your next Safe Refinement.
    * After the equipment is traded, the refinement value reserved on it previously will be cleared. The refinement value will not be emptied if the equipment trade fails.
    * When equipment refinement reaches +15, the refinement value left on the equipment will be emptied if there's any."
    "New Equipment Upgrades
    * Added new infused equipment and new upgrade effects to Off-hand parts of Ancient Equipment (Warrior/Epic Spirit). The upgrade effects are divided into 4 levels, and the upgrades primarily consume materials available in the Field.
    * Added new infused equipment and new upgrade effects to the Cloaks of Ancient Equipment (Warrior/Epic Spirit). The upgrade effects are divided into 4 levels, and the upgrades primarily consume materials available in the Field.
    * Added new infused equipment and new upgrade effects to Weapons. The upgrade effects are divided into 4 levels, and the upgrades primarily consume materials available in the Field.
    * Please note that the upgrades of Ancient Equipment cannot be undone.
    * Each Equipment Slot now has a 1 second cooldown for equipping (for Ancient Relics, the cooldown is still 30 seconds)."
    "Adjustments to Yimir's Notebook and Multi-Class Function
    * Adjustments to Yimir's Notebook
    — Players can now load, create, and purchase builds in the Field Maps. Currently, maps that support such operations are: Home City, Field Maps (including the Void Territory), Home, Guild Territory, and GVG Preparation Camp.
    — In other maps (such as Team Competition, Guild War, and Instances), for the builds of the same class as yours currently, you can use Yimir's Notebook to load the full set of equipment builds (including equipment, ancient relics, and extractions), but the builds of attribute points, skill points, rune, Aeisr Monument points are not included (which are expected to be available after the maintenance on 2023/01/11).
    — The builds in Yimir's Notebook can be overwritten now, and you can now tap Yimir's Notebook in your backpack to open the shortcut window and save builds conveniently.
    — In the full-screen interface of Yimir's Notebook, players can now tap and hold builds' Class icons to change their order, and the adjusted order will also take effect in the shortcut window.
    — Yimir's Notebook now has a 1 second cooldown on use. No additional cooldown is needed for loading equipment of the same class in Instance Maps. The total time required to load a build is reduced from 30 seconds to 10 seconds.
    * The cooldown for switching between classes is reduced from 30 seconds to 10 seconds.
    * Fixed the bug that talent builds for Team Competition would be reset when players switched classes or loaded builds in Yimir's Notebook."
    "Novice Adventurers Event Adjustments
    * Moved the novice-related events, such as Novice Sign-in, Novice Adventure Log, Super Value Giftpack, and Recharge Goodies, into the [Novice Benefits] on the Main Interface.
    — For adventurers participating in these events right now, the event time is extended to 14 days.
    * Newly added beginners' event [First Top-up Goodies]
    -- Opening Date: February 23rd
    -- Requirement: Reach Base.Lv 25 on any character under the newly registered account after the update
    -- Meet the tip requirement during the event to claim nice rewards!"
    "Fantasy Generator - Feast Optimization
    * In the Fantasy Generator - Feast, players can redeem all the costumes and headwear produced previously into the [Big Cat Voucher - Feast].
    * Owned Costume Shards will be sorted at the top, making it easier for adventurers when they exchange Costume Shards for Freyr Coins"
    "Version Goal Reward Rules Adjustments
    * Deleted the Quest Manual - Version Goal function. For adventurers who have unlocked this function, all the unobtained rewards will be sent to their backpacks as compensation.
    * Newly added several version achievements of Eclage. Moved headwear and mount rewards in the previous goal system to the achievement system.
    * For the goals that have been achieved in the current version goal system, their corresponding achievements will be automatically activated when you log in with the character."
    In the Adventure Chapter, some quests in Gingerbread Town, Amatsu, Al De Baran, Yuno, Lighthalzen, and Niflheim now provide several attribute rewards: [Base HP].
    * Newly added several achievements, which are available in: Pray to Goddess, Ancient Relics, Headwear, Cards, Runes, Enchantment, Extractions, and occupying cities in GVG. Players can gain [Base HP] rewards after completing them.
    "Extended the recovery period for currencies from the previous events
    * Adventurers will receive 2 reminders by mail 48 hours and 24 hours before the event currencies are recovered. Please use them as soon as possible to avoid losses!"
    Optimized the auto combat logic of Genos' [Electrical Gyration]: It will now be automatically cast when sp is below a certain percentage
    Optimized the start-match condition in the Team Competition custom rooms: the match can be started as long as there is one player in each team in the custom room, no longer requiring 12-player teams.
    King Poring's [crafting] materials now support quick purchases when insufficient.
    The products in the Black Market Shop are now gradually unlocked according to the adventurer's Base Level.
    * Newly added appearance changes for the following accessories' and weapons' skins: Siren Touch, Blue Shine Spear, Imperial Broom, Bubble Spitter, and Void Rending Sword.
    Added more options related to the blocking function to the settings.
    Added more ways to acquire some items, such as the Black Market Shop and the Shell Shop.
    Optimized the SFX of some Assassin's and Priest's T1-T3 skills. Improved the effects and SFX of some Wizard's skills.
    Expanded adjustable zoom-in and zoom-out scales in full view of all maps.
    "Featured Costumes and Headwear have been updated, and you can exchange them in the Freyr's Coin Shop.
    * Exchange Time: February 16th 5:00 - April 16th 5:00;
    * New [Immortal Souls Costume];
    * New [Twilight Fleet Series Outfits];
    * New [Light Chasing Fantasy Series Costume];"

    ========Fixed Bugs========
    Fixed the bug that after the Ancient Relic [Dvalin's Jade]'s Refine +15 took effect, the Refine +1 damage was not properly displayed.
    Fixed the bug that Archer's skill [Arrow Repel] could not trigger [Phoenix Feature Arrow]'s range-boosting effect.
    Fixed the bug that after being set to auto-release, Nidhogg's skill [Queen of Dragon] would not follow the player it should, but only a certain teammate instead.
    Fixed the SP Cost error of the skill [Shield Resonance].
    Fixed the bug that the weekly quests [Battle of Cake] and [Endless Tower] would be automatically completed at 5:00 Monday.
    Fixed the bug that players could start the battle without having the conversation after they entered the combat area of the Chaotic Invasion instance in teams.
    Fixed the logic error of auto pathfinding in some maps of the Void Territory.
    Fixed the bug that some Job Change quests would be lost after players exited the scene when selecting them.
    Fixed the bug that the Thanatos Class' preparation skill would not restore to skill 1 after skill 4 was disabled.
    Fixed the bug the kills by the Alchemy Homunculus in the Arena would not count and not add credits for its summoner.
    Fixed the problem that the [Tesseract], Boss of the Thanatos instance, was hard to be selected.
    Fixed the problem that the achievement descriptions related to the number of activated gold and silver star runes in the Adventure Handbook did not specify that they must be of the same class.
    Fixed the bug that teammates were unselectable when players tapped their avatars in the Team Competition, which disabled many skills from taking effect.
    Fixed the display quantity errors of some rewards in the Quest Manual.
    Fixed the display bug of Dolans's wings [Wonderful Snow Night].
    Fixed the display bug of Echoing Corridor's items.
    Fixed the bug that the Guild achievement [Let There Be Light] didn't count the entries activated.
    Fixed the bug that the newly added achievement Palace of Beauty could not be completed while the instance was already cleared.
    Fixed the bug that some achievements could not be automatically activated.
    Fixed the bug that the Fast Buy Entrance of Elunium and Divine Metal in the Refine interface would disappear.
    Fixed the bug that some MVPs' locations in the Void Territory were not marked.
    Fixed the display bug of some characters' headwear refining levels in the GVG maps.
    Fixed the bug that when the two remaining battle durations for the Oracle Instance Raid were more than 60 minutes, there would still be a prompt suggesting the time was insufficient to carry on.
    Fixed the bug that the gashapon's costume shard, [Snowfall Star Shard], could not exchange the [Big Cat Voucher - Feast].
    Fixed the item description error of the [Random Gear Pack] dropped in the Void Territory — removed the "Auto Open" part.
    Fixed the display bug in weapon skins of the One-Punch Man class and the problem that some of that class' weapons were not usable.
    Fixed the bug that the battle durations gained from music and mentor's potion were not calculated into the completion conditions of the Battle Pass daily quests.
    Fixed the drop bug of the Devil Squid Card in the Apocalypse status.
    Fixed the bug the gender transition could not be applied to the following costume series: [Triumphal Dance, Eddga Pajama, and Fantasy Waltz].
    Fixed the description error of the equipment [Giant Fox Grass].
    Fixed the bug that some achievements of Ancient Relics and Runes could not record their progress correctly.
    Fixed the bug that Cross Exorcism's rune word triggered by the Priest's Adoramus didn't take effect.
    Fixed the bug that the new effects of Mage runes [Soul Vortex] and [Thunder Lightning] were not valid.
    Fixed the bug that Mage's skill [Meteor Storm] would not consume the stacks of [Invisible Space].
    Fixed the error in the maximum number of Mage's skill [Quicksand Vortex] that could exist simultaneously.
    Fixed the bug that after activating the [Heart Eddy - Star Rune], the Mage couldn't get the Ghost Elemental Ball when releasing elemental skills (except for ghost skills).
    Fixed the bug that Sages' auto attack might stop during their chant for the free cast.
    Fixed the bug that after players tapped "Any Blueprint" in the Exchange to uncheck the "Not Owned", the "Not Owned" blueprints would still be displayed at the top in the Blueprint tab.
    Fixed the bug that the duration of B-level Food would continue to be timed after players went offline.
    Fixed the bug that the daily reward of Card Gashapon had no red dot indicator.
    Fix the errors that might occur in settlement of city occupation in GVG.
    Fixed the bug that new words of Mage runes in players' backpacks were not directly activated after the maintenance.
    Fixed the bug that the corresponding achievement was not unlocked after some adventurers won the Tournament Championship.
    Fixed the bug that when the [Void Summon Rune]'s word was activated, the Alchemy Homunculus might still trigger instant death.
    Fixed the bug that the monster summoning of Genovia in the Void Territory would be affected when the monsters summoned were hijacked by Rogue's skill.
    Fixed the bug that after Ninjas equipped themselves with the Highwind Pursuit rune, their skill Wind Shuriken - Swift Shadow could not trigger Nidhogg's Lv.7 features.