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  • May 23rd 2023 Patch Notes

    Dear adventurers,
    We will commence server maintenance during 01:00 - 07:00 (GMT-6) on May 23. This maintenance will update some of the game content and fix some known issues. You will not be able to join the game during the maintenance period. Thank you for your understanding.
    After the maintenance, we will send maintenance compensation to all adventurers.

    ========Game Feature Adjustments========
    - Adventurers on servers [Eternal Love] and [Destiny's Promise] will be able to meet each other and fight side by side! It is our unremitting pursuit to create a more festive adventure world!
    - <Server Interworking> feature will be applied to servers [Eternal Love] and [Destiny's Promise]
    - After <Server Interworking> is applied, in Home City, adventurers on [Eternal Love] and [Destiny's Promise] can check each other’s profile, add each other as friends, take pics, enjoy food together, party up, chat, and instance matchmaking
    - After <Server Interworking> is activated, the Home City will become even more lively. Adventurers can make more friends, trade more conveniently, enjoy faster instance matchmaking, and even find mentor/apprentice from cross server!
    - When there are too many players in the Home City, you may find it difficult to find your friends. Try to party up with your friends in the Home City and follow them (Following friends in the Home City will not lead to the change of channels) to meet up.
    - Please see the following for the first batch of new features. The other features/instances will be released later. For detailed information, stay tuned for the future update announcements!
    1. Applicable Scenes of the Server Interworking Feature
    1) Home City: Prontera, Izlude Island, Morroc, Cryptura Academy, Comodo, etc (Glast Heim is not included)
    2) Instance: Ponape Museum Island, Exploring the Lost Isle, Endless Tower, Oracle Instance, Thanatos Tower, Niflheim Purgatory, Rift Instance, Arena (Casual Mode)
    2. Exchange System
    1) Since May 23, the price of items in the Exchange will be pre-disclosed for 2 weeks. Only the Server Interworking estimated price will be disclosed. The original Exchange feature will remain the same
    2) The pre-disclosed price will be for the unrefined and unenchanted equipment only. The price is for reference only. Price in the Exchange may change during the disclosure. The actual Server Interworking price will be calculated based on the real-time price and trading history of different servers
    3) From 01:00 (GMT-6) on June 19, the Exchange will be temporarily closed. During the disclosure, all item-snapping will automatically fail and items will be taken off of the shelf. Players can claim the items during snapping period after the maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
    4) After the maintenance is completed, on June 20, Server Interworking Exchange will be open. Adventurers on different servers can trade in the Exchange. The price of items in the Exchange will also be adjusted
    5) After Server Interworking is activated, the Exchange will support cross server gifting
    6) Items on the shelf in the Exchange will be taken off of the shelf after the update. Adventurers need to place the items on the shelf again
    7) After Server Interworking is activated, the default rise/fall in the Assistant [Exchange] will be cleared
    3. Friends System
    1) Adventurers can search for and add friends on different servers. When the friend you search for is on different server, [Server Name] will show on the info page
    2) Most of the features in the friends system will be available for friends on different servers, such as [View], [Private Message], and [Invite]. [Recruit] and [Join Guild] will not be supported
    3) On the Friends page, friends on different servers will be marked by their [Server Name] and those on the same server will be marked by their [Channel]
    4) Friends on different servers can visit each other’s Home
    4. PartyUp & Matchmaking System
    1) Adventurers on different server can invite friends or join a friend’s team on corss servers. A new [Server Interworking] tab will be added to the teammate invitation page
    2) When the PartyUp is completed, teammates on different servers will be marked by their [Server Name] and those on the same server will be marked by their [Channel]
    3) In scenes that support the Server Interworking feature, players on different servers can follow their teammates. If the scene does not support the feature, the following will be cancelled
    4) Instance Finder supports cross server instance matchmaking. Instances in Server Interworking scenes are included
    5) The [This Server Only] feature will be added to the matchmaking interface. The feature will not be available if any of the teammates are on a different server
    5. Chat System
    1) Adventurers on different servers can chat on the World Channel and Team Channel and send private messages to friends from cross server
    2) Adventures can only receive messages from different servers on the World Channel in Server Interworking Home City scenes
    6. Food System
    1) Adventurers on different servers can choose to share some of the food with [Public] or [Team Only]
    2) [Public]: In Server Interworking scenes, all adventurers can use the food
    3) [Team Only]: In the team, adventurers on different servers can use the food
    7. Mentor and Apprentice System
    1) Adventurers on different servers can find mentor/apprentice from cross server
    2) The mentor and the apprentice can do cross server instance matchmaking and complete mentor and apprentice quests together
    8. Marriage System
    1) After Server Interworking is activated, adventurers can invite friends from different servers to weddings. Adventurers cannot propose to or marry those on different servers
    2) After the update, wedding reservation will be available. All weddings will be in Prontera after the server merge

    ========Warm Up Event: The Wills of Alberta========
    1. Event Time: May 23 after maintenance - 05:00 June 6
    2. During the event, adventurers with Base Level ≥25 can go to Prontera and find [Royal Minister] to participate in the event
    3. There are 3 consecutive quests. Complete each of Quest No.1 and No.2 to receive [Harbor Voyage Giftbox] x3. Complete Quest No.3 to receive an exclusive back headwear [Retro Lifebuoy] x1
    4. This is an account-exclusive event

    ======== New Map [Alberta] ========
    A cold wave has caught the port off guard; glaciers first come into sight. In the mist, there’s only a vague outline of islands. Alberta, the Port City with a reputation as Pearl on the Sea, has always been the place enjoying spring all year round. What has happened?
    Adventurers, jump aboard and fill your sails with the wind! Let’s embark on a journey in Alberta!
    1. New Main Story [The Wills of Alberta]
    * Adventurers with Base Level ≥120 can go to Izlude Port and accept the main quest [First Encounter and Reunion]
    * Adventures can also check the quest progress and rewards on the [New Event - Harbour Stories] interface
    2. New Home City Map [Alberta]. Adventurers can visit this platinum harbor where trade and the soul of the sea coexist through the TP Point in the Payon Forest
    3. New Field Map [Turtle Island] and [Turtle Island Cave]. Adventurers can go to Alberta Boatman to get there
    4. New MVP Turtle General and Mini Treasure Chest Crocodile on the Turtle Island
    5. New Rift Instance [Turtle Island's Watch]. Adventurers who reach Lv.110 can participate in the challenge
    6. New Hollgrehenn’s Smithy in [Alberta] and Costume Change gameplay of Turtle Mount
    * Adventurers can unlock Hollgrehenn’s smithy in the main quest [Harbor in the Cold Wind]
    * Adventurers can upgrade the smithy with [Frost Fire Crystal], which can be obtained by completing the “Daily Quest” in the smithy, clearing Rift Instance “Turtle Island's Watch”, and killing elite monsters on the Turtle Island or in the Turtle Island Cave everyday
    * Adventurers will receive rich one-time rewards by upgrading the smithy (Please note that the rewards are account-based and each account can only claim the rewards once)
    * Adventurers can unlock the Costume Change gameplay of Turtle Mount by completing the main quest [Harbor in the Cold Wind]
    * Adventurers collect skins and back armors of Turtle Mount by playing the main quests, side quests, and some instances in Alberta and change them freely
    7. New Alberta Board Mission. Adventurers at Base Level 120-130 can accept the missions at the Mission Board

    ========New Hero Class [Hollgrehenn]========
    1. Unlocking Method
    * Players with a T3 Class Mechanic character can use a [Job Voucher] to unlock Hollgrehennat the [Class] - [Hollgrehenn] interface
    * In the Class interface, use [Big Cat Coin x88] to purchase a [Job Voucher]
    * Players can also use [Big Cat Coin 88] to purchase in the [Tip] interface
    * Players can try out the Hollgrehenn Class in the [Class] - [Hollgrehenn] interface and the [Tip] - [Hero] interface
    2. Development Path
    * Characteristic
    -- Characteristic is a Hero Class's Exclusive Core Skills. It starts at Lv.1 when the Hero is unlocked and maxes out at Lv.7
    -- By activating Runes with specific Words, you can level up the Characteristic Level, and unlocking Levels 4 and 7 will additionally grant powerful Skill Effects respectively.
    * Skill: Raise Hollgrehenn's Job Level to obtain Skill Points
    -- The Job Level of Hollgrehenn is capped at Lv.83
    * Rune: 3 new Exclusive Grade S Skill Runes and 3 new S Star Skill Runes for Hollgrehenn
    -- Identify Runes for a chance to obtain Hollgrehenn Exclusive Skill Runes. In addition, Rune Smelting also allows the operation of the Hero's Runes
    * Aeisr Monument: Added Hollgrehenn's exclusive Aeisr Monument. Adventurers can activate them all upon unlocking the Hero Class.
    3. Hero Fetters
    * In the [Class] - [Hollgrehenn] - [Hero Fetters] interface, adventurers can complete a series of Growth Quests to unlock the brand-new hero's story
    * After completing the hero's story, you can obtain exclusive weapon appearance and headwear appearance, and also unlock a secret part of the hero's life
    4. [Hollgrehenn's Refined Hammer] can now be infused. Adventurers can infuse [Hollgrehenn's Refined Hammer] into [Artisan's Hammer] in Alberta
    5. Hollgrehenn Growth Giftpack in the Gold Coin Store
    * On Sale: 05:00 May 23 - 05:00 June 23
    * New giftpack [Class Unlocking Lucky Bag - Hollgrehenn]. Price: Big Cat Coin x98. Account limited purchase: 1
    - Open it to obtain: Job Voucher x1, Refined Job Potion - Blacksmith x2,000
    * New giftpack [Rapid Growth Gift Pack - Hollgrehenn]. Price: Big Cat Coin x198. Account limited purchase: 1
    - Open it to obtain: +10 Artisan's Hammer [1] x1, Exclusive Job Potion - Hollgrehenn x1, Weapon - Morale 2 Enchantment Voucher x1, Dragonbone Shield x1, Dragonscale Armor x1, Honor Shoulder Badge x1, Overlord War Boots x1, Pendant of Ugin x2, Artisan's Smash - Star Rune x1, Artisan's Blessing - Star Rune x1, Precise Forging - Star Rune x1, Total Concentration Rune x1, Undying Origin Rune x1, Flame Penetration Rune x1
    * New giftpack [Hero Advance Giftpack - Hollgrehenn]. Price: Big Cat Coin x428. Account limited purchase: 1
    - Open it to obtain: +12 Artisan's Hammer [2] x1, Hollgrehenn Rune Supply x10, Hollgrehenn's Refined Hammer Supply Box x5, +10 Dragonbone Shield [1] x1, +10 Dragonscale Armor [1] x1, +10 Honor Shoulder Badge [1] x1, +10 Overlord War Boots [1] x1, +10 Pendant of Ugin [1] x2, Cloak - Divine Blessing 2 Enchantment Voucher x1, Accessory - Tenacity 2 Enchantment Voucher x1, Accessory - Sharp Blade 2 Enchantment Voucher x1, Footgear - Divine Blessing 2 Enchantment Voucher x1
    * New giftpack [Hollgrehenn's Refined Hammer Supply Box]. Price: Big Cat Coin x18. No purchase limit
    - Open it to obtain: Random +4 - +12 [Hollgrehenn’s Refined Hammer [1]] x1
    * New [Hollgrehenn Growth Bundle]. Price: Big Cat Coin x540. Account limited purchase: 1
    - Open it to obtain [Class Unlocking Lucky Bag - Hollgrehenn] x1, [Rapid Growth Gift Pack - Hollgrehenn] x1, [Hero Advance Giftpack - Hollgrehenn] x1

    ========New Development [Phantom Equipment]========
    Ways to unlock the [Phantom Equipment] feature
    1. Adventurers can accept the side quest [Gift of Lost Memory] after completing the main quest [Harbor in the Cold Wind] in Alberta. Complete the side quest to unlock:
    * New equipment system: Phantom Equipment
    * New instance: Secret Realm of Phantom
    2. Adventurers can obtain [Elementary Phantom Magic Ore] in the new instance named [Secret Realm of Phantom] on Turtle Island. You can find [Hollgrehenn] at the home cities to activate and build Phantom Equipment
    Equipment parts of [Phantom Equipment]
    1. Currently, the Phantom Equipment can be equipped on [Off-hand] and [Cloak]
    2. Adventurers can view the Phantom Equipment interface by tapping the [Switch] button at the upper left corner of the main equipment interface
    Limitations on equipping the [Phantom Equipment]
    1. Only equipment with a Phantom Progress can be equipped in the Phantom Equipment Slot
    2. Phantom Equipment primarily consists of the following two types of equipment: Infused Equipment and Comodo Ancient Equipment.
    3. The same part of the Main Equipment Slot and Phantom Equipment Slot can only be equipped with different types of equipment.
    4. Equipment with a Phantom progress can not be listed on the exchange unless it is restored through the Pyrolising Stove. When a piece of equipment with Phantom progress is restored, 80% of the consumed Phantom Magic Ore will be refunded.
    5. Operations like equipping and unequipping in the quick bar will only be effective on the main equipment slot. Currently, the quick bar does not support operations on the Phantom Equipment
    [Phantom Equipment] Attribute Effectiveness Rules
    1. The Phantom Equipment will inherit the forging progress of the original equipment. Due to the limitations of forging techniques, the card effects of equipment will not be effective when it is equipped in the phantom slot but will be effective when equipped in the main slot
    2. The special effects of some equipment will only be unlocked after the equipment reaches a certain phantom progress
    3. Equipment in the phantom slots and the main slots can trigger the set effect
    4. Max refinement level of the main and side equipment on the same part is 15, which provides a max DMG Reduc. of 13.5%
    When the total refinement level of main and side equipment is above 15, each of the overflowing levels will be transferred into 4,000 Base HP (Base HP is a fixed value, and it won't be affected by the percentage buff of the equipment or the card)
    The rules above do not apply to the bonus refinement level caused by the ancient relic [Dvalin's Jade], item [Lucky Alloy], and Hollgrehenn’s class skill [Best Blacksmith on the Continent]. The bonus refinement level still increases DMG Reduc. by 0.9% each

    ========New Instance [Secret Realm of Phantom]========
    New instance “Secret Realm of Phantom” at the Instance Entrance
    1. Adventurers can accept the side quest [Gift of Lost Memory] after completing the main quest [Harbor in the Cold Wind] in Alberta. Complete the side quest to unlock the instance
    2. Before the combat begins, all the other players in the team can follow the captain and enter the instance. After the captain starts the combat, no players will be allowed to enter the instance
    Instance Rules
    1. The Secret Realm of Phantom is split into several elemental areas based on different elemental types. Adventurers must clear all the monsters in the current area before entering the next
    2. After adventurers clear all the monsters in the current area, they can choose the next one according to their team set-up or needs
    3. Adventurers need to go through a total of five elemental areas in the Secret Realm of Phantom, with the last area guaranteed to spawn the MVP with the corresponding elemental attributes
    4. During the fight against the MVP, a special "Elemental Burst" mechanism will be triggered as the MVP's HP drops
    * The MVP gains a strong shield along with several elemental energy bodies. Destroy each energy body will deal certain damage to the MVP’s shield
    * If the player fails to break the shield within the limited time, the MVP will absorb the remaining elemental energy bodies and deal high elemental damage
    * While the shield is active, the MVP will also trigger different elemental rampage effects based on its attributes
    5. Monsters with a elemental level will be spawned in the Secret Realm of Phantom. Make good use of elemental counter to defeat them more efficiently
    6. [Adjustments to the revival rules] A mysterious power in the Secret Realm of Phantom will limit the “Death Blow Protection” effect of adventurers’ meal: “Death Blow Protection” will only take effect once in each area of the combat
    Instance Rewards
    1. Rewards in Secret Realm of Phantom can be claimed 5 times a week and the instance consumes 60 minutes of the battle duration
    2. The first clearance of the week does not consume battle duration and the reward count refreshes at 05:00 every Monday

    ========Upcoming Update: Secret Realm of Phantom========
    Upcoming difficulties of Secret Realm of Phantom
    1. [Difficulty II] will be open after the maintenance on June 20, including Normal Difficulty II and Elite Difficulty II
    2. All difficulties of Secret Realm of Phantom share the reward count. Adventurers are advised not to raid the Secret Realm of Phantom before the maintenance [05:00 June 19 - June 20] and to avoid losing rewards

    ========New Development [Equipment Upgrade]========
    1. New attributes of Off-hand/Cloak equipment upgrade are available. Consume the corresponding materials to complete equipment upgrade
    2. This upgrade applies to the Ancient Equipment and the Infused Equipment
    3. The materials for attribute upgrade of the Ancient Equipment will be released in the future version updates. Stay tuned!

    ========Weapon Upgrade Adjustments========
    1. New Lv.V attribute of weapon part upgrade
    2. Upgrade materials are dropped by Turtle General, Walter, Witch of Calamity and other MVPs
    3. The MVPs can be found in the field, Void Territory, or the Chaotic Invasion instance
    4. About class balance
    * First of all, class balance is meant to be a long-term thing. In every PVP season or class update, we always read the feedback from adventurers and make adjustments based on the actual PVP participation data and win rate in order to achieve a better class balance.
    * In the process of class balance adjustments, class skill, equipment, rune attribute, and class coordination all affect the overall balance.
    * Equipment is only a part of the overall balance, and weapon upgrade is one of the links. We never simply make balance adjustments only by weapon upgrade.
    * In the future, we will continue to make class adjustments and optimizations from all dimensions. Class balance will always be a key point of our work.
    * On the design of weapon upgrade, the upgrade can improve the weapon’s overall performance by 10-15%, which is limited. We also do not want to see weapon upgrade causing a larger balance gap.
    * About the new weapon upgrade, we will also make adjustments to the attribute of some equipment after receiving suggestions from adventurers. The following adjustments will be made in the maintenance in June. There will also be more optimizations on weapon upgrade attribute in the future updates
    - Destroyer's War Axe: When dealing Phy. Skill DMG, there is a 30% chance to cast Lv.10 [Cart Attack]. If your [Cart Attack] is above Lv.10, [Cart Attack] of your current level will be cast (The effect can be triggered up to once every 3 seconds); Damage to large, medium, and small monsters +5%; Wind and neutral ATK +5%
    - Stardust Dragon Rod: Max HP +5%; Phy. DMG Reduc. and M. DMG Reduc. +5%; When taking damage, there is a 50% chance to restore HP by 10% of the actual damage taken
    - Staff of Vitality: Range of [Coluceo Heal] +1; [Coluceo Heal] removes 1 abnormal status of each teammate (The effect can be triggered up to once every 5 seconds); Bonus Healing +10%; Duration of [Badr's Crown] +10 seconds
    - Heaven's Wrath: Upon a critical auto attack, there is a 50% chance of restoring HP by 5% and a 30% chance of casting Lv.1 [Repentance] on the target. If your [Repentance] level is above Lv.1, [Repentance] of your current level will be cast
    - Stalker's Knife: Damage to medium-size target +10%; Phy. DMG +10%
    - Assassin's Katar: Auto attack has a 15% chance to obtain a phantom. Each phantom increases your Auto Attack DMG by 2%; [Soul Depravity] ignore DEF +100%; [Soul Depravity] can cause a critical hit. Its Crit.Chance equals to (your Crit.Chance - the opponent’s Crit.Res.)/3. The Crit.DMG equals to DMG x1.5
    - Abyssal Fear: Cooldown of [Glory Cross] reduces by 0.25 seconds (Original CD: 2.5 seconds); DMG of [Glory Cross] +15%; Within 2 seconds after casting [Glory Cross], the skill DMG you take reduces by 15%
    - Saintly Glaive: When taking damage, there is a 10% chance to cast Lv.1 [Battle Chant] on yourself. If your [Battle Chant] level is above Lv.1, [Battle Chant] of your current level will be cast; Healing effect of [Battle Chant] increases by 15%; When [Command of Charge] is cast, you and all teammates around you receive a shield of 15% Max HP
    - Tacaro: The chance of triggering [Triple Attack] increases by 10%; DMG of [Chain Combo], [The Way of a Dragon], [Tiger Knuckle Fist], and [Chain Crush Combo] increases by 15%; After casting [Mastery], upon auto attack, the chance of releasing [Gentle Touch - Seal] on the target increases by 15%; [Gentle Touch - Seal] ignores DEF +50%, [Gentle Touch - Seal] DMG +15%
    - Heaven Star Chart: The chance of triggering [Nova Preparation] and [Flash Preparation] increases by 5%; When [Universe Fusion] is activated, upon skill attack, there is an additional 25% chance (The chance increases from 50% to 75%) to recover HP by 5% of damage dealt
    - Monster Knife - Muramasa: The chance of triggering [Quick Escape] +5%; Invincible duration of [Quick Escape] +0.5 seconds; Upon auto attack, there is a 30% chance of automatically casting Lv.10 [Cross Slash]. When [Cross Slash] is cast, endure effect will be triggered. Lasts 5 seconds; [Cross Slash]: Ignore DEF +100%
    - Wind Shuriken - Swift Shadow: [Wind Dart Cast] ignores DEF +15%; [Wind Shuriken - Swift Shadow] DMG +10%; When there are no shadow clones, [Wind Shuriken - Swift Shadow] has a 30% chance of automatically casting [Ninjutsu - Thousand Shadows]
    - Wind Dart - Venus: [Necromancy - Scorching Manzomaru] removes fixed cast; When [Quick Escape] is successfully triggered, [Necromancy - Scorching Manzomaru] will be cast once on the spot; Ignore M. DEF +5%; Fire ATK +10%
    * More weapon infusions and upgrades will be released soon. For the specific date of update, please refer to the future announcements. The followings are the preview
    - Heavy Spear: New Infused Equipment. Weapon upgrade direction is [Sacrifice];
    - Abrey Bow: New Infused Equipment. Weapon upgrade direction is [PVP General];
    - Tooth Blade: New Infused Equipment. Weapon upgrade direction is [Backstab];
    - Ice Pick: New Infused Equipment. Weapon upgrade direction is [Unequip];
    - Death Note: New Infused Equipment. Weapon upgrade direction is [Tank Sage];

    ========Ancient Equipment Upgrade Adjustments========
    1. Adventurers can make random attribute and equipment upgrade for the Warrior/Epic Spirit Ancient Equipment by talking to Bactrosaurus, an NPC on Comodo, or entering the operation interface directly through the quick access on the equipment detail page;
    2. Random attributes of the equipment will not be reduced. They may be upgraded by one or more levels at a chance and are guaranteed to be upgraded to the max level after a certain number of attempts;
    3. The two random attributes of the Epic Spirit Ancient Equipment can be upgraded separately.
    4. Warrior Ancient Equipment can be upgraded to Epic Spirit Ancient Equipment after consuming the required items. New word attribute after the upgrade will be random

    ========Instance Adjustments========
    Upcoming difficulties of [Chaotic Invasion]
    1. After the maintenance, [1-6 Star] difficulties will be released, and challenge quests of the Chaotic Invasion instance will be added to Assistant Weekly
    2. After the maintenance, this week’s reward count will be reset. Before the maintenance [05:00 May 22 - May 23], adventurers who love challenges are advised not to raid the Chaotic Invasion instance to avoid losing rewards
    3. New MVP Soth in 7 Star Chaotic Invasion instance
    4. Adjustments to the Chaotic Invasion instance rewards
    * Upon clearing the instance, adventurers are guaranteed to obtain at least one of the equipment dropped by the BOSS
    * Upon clearing the instance, equipment obtained may have a refinement level at a chance
    Upcoming difficulties of [Oracle Instance]
    1. [Normal/Elite Floor 11] of Oracle Instance will be released. Adventurers, make sure to come for a challenge!
    2. It is recommended that adventurers wait till the maintenance on May 23 is completed before challenging this week’s Oracle Instance to avoid losing rewards
    Upcoming difficulties of [Ponape Secret Realm]
    1. New Epic Spirit difficulty of the “Ponape Secret Realm” instance. The entry is at Captain Haki on Comodo.
    2. Upon clearing “Ponape Secret Realm”, adventurers will receive [Epic Spirit Crystal] and [Scale of Fantastic Dragon]
    3. [Epic Spirit Crystal] can be used to reset the random attributes of Ancient Equipment or upgrade Ancient Warrior Equipment to the corresponding Ancient Epic Spirit Equipment
    4. [Scale of Fantastic Dragon] can be used to upgrade Ancient Equipment
    5. New Fortune Coin mechanic in Chaotic Invasion. After claiming rewards, adventurers can spend a certain number of Fortune Coins to obtain additional rewards
    6. New weapon infusion
    * [Engineer's Wrench] can be infused into [Arc Light Wrench]
    * [Fortune Sword] can be infused into [Fate Blade]
    Adjustments to [Echoing Corridor] weekly rewards
    * Receive Mora Gold x10 after clearing Floor 40
    * Receive Mora Gold x20 after clearing Floor 50
    * Receive Enchantment Crystallization x1 after clearing Floor 60
    * Enchantment Crystallization is added to the Cat Friend Shop and can be bought with Mora Gold

    ========Adventurer's Returning Event========
    Adventurer's Returning Event is available
    1. Event Deadline: 05:00 June 23, 2023
    2. Event Participation Rules
    * Before 05:00 on May 23, 2023, adventurers who meet the condition that [All characters in the account have not logged in for more than 15 days] can unlock [The Journey Continues] event;
    * Adventurers who have participated in the previous [The Journey Continues] event are required to meet the condition that [All characters in the account have not logged in for more than 30 days] to participate in the event again;
    * Adventurer whose character's Base Level has reached Lv.100;
    * Adventurers who meet the condition will activate the [The Journey Continues] event upon login. The event lasts for 30 days in total, during which the player may claim rich rewards;
    * Adventurers who already completed [The Journey Continues] event cannot activate the returning event again this time;
    3. Returning adventurers will receive special buff effects
    * Quest Rewards:
    -- Complete daily quests to obtain [Proof of Return], which can be used to exchange for rich rewards at the shop;
    -- Complete daily quests to obtain [Guild Present] and [Encounter Present], which can be used to send red packets on the chat channel. Adventurers may tap on the red packet to claim Zeny;
    * Team Bonus:
    -- Finding NPC [Raven - Star Guidance] after completing [Designated Instances] allows all team members to claim 1 additional reward. Each account can only obtain the reward once from each designated instance every week;
    -- Designated Instances include: Endless Tower, Oracle Instance, Valhalla Ruins, Echoing Corridor, Niflheim Purgatory, Runemaster Thanatos, Ponape Museum Island, Exploring the Lost Isle, Chaotic Invasion, and Secret Realm of Phantom;
    -- Returning adventurers will receive additional rewards [Voucher Self-select Giftbox];
    -- (Non-returning) Members will receive additional rewards: [Reunion Appreciation Gift]. Open it to receive [Proof of Return]. There is also a chance to get rare back headwear [The Long Night];
    -- Upon opening up to the 15th [Reunion Appreciation Gift], adventurers are guaranteed to obtain the [The Long Night]; The guarantee can be triggered repeatedly;
    * EXP Bonus: Killing monsters in the field will grant Base EXP and Job EXP +100%;
    * Exclusive Tag: Returning adventurers will have exclusive ID tag on the chat channel;
    * Exclusive Skills:
    - Returning adventurers will receive the skill [Guardianship Revisited] upon entering an instance, which can be used to grant all team members with invincible status for 5 seconds;
    -- The skill can only be used once a day in each weekly instance;
    4. Exclusive Giftpack
    * Returning adventurers will receive exclusive giftpacks upon login:
    * [Time Gift] Spend Big Cat Coin x30 to receive [Time Invitation] x300
    * [Headwear Gift] Spend Big Cat Coin x30 to receive [Big Cat Voucher I] x300
    * [Growth Giftpack] Spend Big Cat Coin x30 to receive [Golden Badge of the Seas] x6, [Grade S Rune of Your Class] x3, [Star Rune of Your Class] x3
    5. Adventurers' Call Ally Event
    * Event Deadline: 05:00 June 30, 2023
    * Rules: During the event, all non-returning adventurers can participate in the [Call Ally] event. Invite returning adventurers to log into the game and enter the invitation code in the [The Journey Continues] interface to receive awesome rewards!
    6. For detailed rules and rewards, please go to [New Event] - [The Journey Continues].

    New postcard feature
    1. Adventurers can use the selected pictures in [Photo Album] or [Time Frame] to make postcards and give them to other adventurers!
    2. The NPCs you meet may give you some special postcards! Stay tuned!

    ========Fantasy Generator - Card========
    [Fantasy Generator - Card] Card Pool Update!
    1. Draw Rules
    Price of Single Draw: 15 Big Cat Coins;
    Price of Special Offer Draw: 8 Big Cat Coins;
    Adventurers can enjoy the special offer price in the draw 3 times a day. When using the special offer draw, you will receive [Nolan Card] x50 for free from each draw. The special offer count resets at 05:00 every day;
    2. The card rarity and corresponding rate per draw are as follows:
    [Selected Card]: 0.5;
    [Preferred Card]: 2.0%;
    [Featured Card]: 50.0%;
    [Common Card]: 47.5%;
    3. Selected Cards Rules
    [Selected Cards] include several rare cards;
    When [Selected Cards] include a Probability Boost Card, drawing [Selected Cards] will have an 80.0% chance to receive one of the Probability Boost Cards;
    The current Selected Card Rate UP cards are split into [New Card Rate UP] and [Classic Card Rate UP]
    --[New Card Rate UP] includes [Turtle General Card], [Arc Angeling Card], and [Deviling Card]. The duration of Rate UP is 05:00 June 1 - 05:00 June 20
    --[Classic Card Rate UP] includes [Dreamy Cat Sidhe Card], [Randgris Card], and [Detarderous Card]. The duration of Rate UP is 05:00 June 20 - 05:00 July 1
    4. Accumulated Draws Rules
    If you didn't draw [Preferred Cards] in 55 draws, then the guarantee system is triggered, increasing the chance of drawing [Preferred Cards] until a [Preferred Card] is drawn;
    If you didn't draw [Selected Cards] in 330 draws, then the guarantee system is triggered, increasing the chance of drawing [Selected Cards] until a [Selected Card] is drawn;
    The guarantee effect will not be reset as the card pool's renewal until what is guaranteed is acquired, and then the next guarantee will be activated

    ========Time Wish Machine========
    1. [Time Wish Machine] content update
    The Wish Machine of this season will be spawned from 05:00 June 10 to 05:00 August 10 next to the [Card Gashapon Machine];
    Adventurers can obtain the locked headwear, costumes, and other rewards from it!
    3. Draw Rules
    1) In [Time Wish Machine], adventurers can draw the locked headwear, costumes (you can check the list of headwear available in the Wish Machine), and special items [Reunion Proof] in the [Adventure Handbook];
    After obtaining any piece from a headwear/costume series, the headwear/costume of this series will not be obtained from [Time Wish Machine] again;
    You can purchase all the items in [Time Wish Machine] with [Reunion Proof];
    2) In [Time Wish Machine], there will be multiple groups based on the quality of headwear/costume. After obtaining all items of any group, the chance of obtaining [Reunion Proof] will increase;
    4. More headwear/costumes will be added to the [Time Wish Machine] in the future. Please stay tuned!

    ========New Contents========
    1. New items in [Tip - Store]
    * New [Dauntless Voyage Giftbox]. Purchase is limited to once per account
    - Open it to receive exclusive headwear [Dauntless Voyage], [Time Invitation] x30
    * New [Harbor Premium Card]. Price: Big Cat Coin x50. No purchase limit
    - Use the Harbor Premium Card to activate your collectible and receive exclusive face headwear [Stars Helmsman] x1, [Eden Coin] x1,000, [Frost Fire Crystal] x1,000, [Harbor Mysterious Box] x10, [Harbor Chest] x1, [Greed Chest - Harbor] x1
    * New [Adventure Log]
    - Adventurers can earn EXP by completing the daily/weekly quests in the Adventure Log. Upgrade the Adventure Log to unlock rewards
    - The Adventure Log comes with Normal Rewards, Advanced Rewards, and Collection Rewards. Adventurers can upgrade the Adventure Log in the event page or the tip interface
    - The Adventure Log expires at 05:00, September 23. Please make sure to complete it before the deadline.
    * 2x Discount of the 1st Top-up has been reset: For every tier of Big Cat Coin, the first top-up of each account will be gifted with 2x Big Cat Coins after the maintenance
    *New [Preferred Equipment Supply]. Release at: 05:00 May 29
    -The new [Preferred Equipment Supply] will be available after the release. Price: Big Cat Coin x10. Weekly purchase limit: 10
    - Purchase to receive [Ancient Brand - Epic Spirit] x20, [Ocean Brand - Epic Spirit] x20, [Epic Spirit Crystal] x2, [Hearth Ember] x2, [Sea Spirit Ember] x2
    *New [Guild Development Gift]. Price: Big Cat Coin x10. Weekly purchase limit: 5; Open it to receive Valkyrie's Gift x10, Praying Crystal Pack x10.
    2. New product in the Item Shop: [Silver Arrow] (Holy)
    3. New weapon part card [The best blacksmith on the continent Card] in King Poring’s Advanced Customization
    Adventurers can customize cards with [Randgris Card] x1, [Archer Skeleton Card] x1, [Raydric Archer Card] x1, [Nolan Card] x5,000, [Gram Dust] x2,000
    The effect of the card is: Refine ATK +50; With the weapon’s Refine +1, Refine ATK +10, Final Damage +5%; With the weapon’s Refine +8, every refinement level +1, Final Damage Bonus +1% (The card’s effect cannot stack)
    4. New costumes and headwear will be added to Freyr's Coin Shop for exchange
    * Exchange Time: 05:00 June 16 - 05:00 August 16;
    * New [Dark Night Costume];
    * New [Skylark Costume]
    * New [Detective's Character Costume];
    5. Elemental Attribute Expansion
    * New elemental armor level of monsters. The effect has been implemented in the [Secret Realm of Phantom] instance and hero class [Hollgrehenn]. Adventurers can view the monster’s armor attribute level from the number of dots under the monster’s attribute icon
    * There are 10 types of armor attributes (Wind/Fire/Earth/Water/Neutral/Holy/Dark/Ghost/Undead/Poison), and each type is divided into 4 levels. By upgrading the level of armor attributes, the counter coefficient in the Attribute Restraint will decrease
    * When the armor attribute is below Lv.2, with Level +1, the corresponding counter coefficient -0.25
    * When the armor attribute is above Lv.2, with Level +1, the corresponding counter coefficient -0.125
    * When the counter coefficient is less than 0, it will be considered as 0; For example, when Water ATK hits Fire Armor III, the final counter coefficient will be 1.625 (2-0.25-0.125)
    6. New elemental level for the Home Stake for players to do damage test
    * Display of the Home Stake’s attribute is optimized. A real-time attribute icon will be around the stake photo when switching attributes
    7. Instance entrance interface is optimized. The details are as follows:
    * Entrance for token exchange is added to instances including Battle of Cake, Echoing Corridor, Thanatos Tower, Ponape Museum Island, and Exploring the Lost Isle
    * Display of monsters is optimized in the instance entrance interface. Adventurers can view the weekly monsters in instances including Valhalla Ruins, Endless Tower, and Chaotic Invasion
    * The order of rewards is optimized. The exclusive rewards of instances are prioritized
    * New quick access to the ejector in Endless Tower
    8. Optimized record items
    * Adjustments to the Music Box. If adventurers do not own record items, they can spend Zeny to order songs
    * Price: Zeny x10,000
    * Record items will no longer drop in the field or the instances
    * Adventurers can still use the records they own
    9. Adjustments to the unlock requirements of non-event hero class
    * Upon purchasing, the precondition is adjusted from T4 Class to T3 Class. The details are as follows:
    * Precondition of Thanatos changes from [Runemaster] to [Rune Knight]
    * Precondition of Nidhogg changes from [Saint] to [Archbishop]
    * Precondition of Hela changes from [Begetter] to [Genetic]
    10. New drop [Giant Cyclops Headwear] by monsters [Red Devil's Eye] and [Devil's Eye]
    11. Adventurers’ sitting posture on some mounts is optimized to make the character looks better
    12. The way to claim Guild Chest is optimized. Adventurers can now claim the rewards at Steward Cat’s on the guild map
    13. Sound effect of MVP Witch of Calamity’s skills is optimized
    14. Hollgrehenn will not be able to make refinement or enhance equipment slot. The NPC Whitehead will take over these duties
    15. Adjustments to the rewards of [Hero Class] - [Hero Story] and [Growth Quest]
    * Adventurers who already claimed the rewards can claim the new rewards again
    16. After the update, the viewing angle in [Battle of Cake] instance will be changed from fixed view to free view
    17. The thanks in the auto-reply after claiming GVG red packet is moved
    18. Self-select giftbox will open automatically for adventurers to select an item
    19. Optimizations for Adventure Handbook
    * Home page
    - Optimized the display of adventure progress
    - Fixed the bug of showing adventure skills that cannot be learned
    - Fixed the bug of the page being pinned to the top when viewing adventure progress
    * Personal resume page
    - In [Achievement] - [Other] - [Equipment-related] - [Is this power? ], the conditions change from [Activate Grade S or S Star Rune Silver Star x1/3/6/12/18] to: Activate Grade S or S Star Rune Silver Star x1/3/6/9/12
    - In [Achievement] - [Other] - [Equipment-related] - [I'm Already Invincible], the conditions change from [Activate Grade S or S Star Rune Gold Star x1/3/6/12/18] to: Activate Grade S or S Star Rune Gold Star x1/3/6/9/12
    - In [Achievement] - [Combat] - [PVP/GVG] - [Third Faction], the conditions change from [Participate in GVG as mercenary 1/10/100 time(s)] to: Participate in GVG as mercenary 1/3/10 time(s)
    - In [Achievement] - [Combat] - [PVP/GVG] - [Nice Start], the conditions change from [Win the championship in Team Competition Tournament 1/5/10 time(s)] to: Win Top 16/Top 4/championship in Team Competition Tournament
    - In [Achievement] - [Combat] - [PVP/GVG] - [Creed of King], the conditions change from [Win the championship in Holy Ground War Tournament 1/5/10 time(s)] to: Win Top 16/Top 4/championship in Holy Ground War Tournament
    - Fixed the bug of triggering abnormal flashing when viewing achievements
    - Optimized the display of titles and fixed the bug of not showing the attribute of pre-titles
    * Adjusted Adventure Handbook -- Exploration Content is changed to Equipment Illustration. From the illustration, adventurers can check the crafting tree of all equipment
    - All hairstyles in “Explore” - “Hairstyle” are moved to the Headwear tab and a filter is added
    - All toys in “Explore” - “Toy” are moved to the “Toy Collection” tab and a filter is added
    - All KittyCats in “Explore” - “KittyCat” are moved to the “NPC” tab in Prontera
    - After the update, adventurers can craft upgraded equipment like the Malang Snow Crab directly through NPC or Adventure Handbook
    20. [Tickle Bar] will not be available in Void Territory map
    21. The toy [Unskillful Hunter Doll]’s attack will no longer consume battle duration
    22. Team name will be displayed on the spectate interface of Team Competition
    23. New additional set slots in the transmogrification system. Adventurers can not save multiple transmogrification sets and switch between them freely
    24. Optimized the sound effect of skills: [Zen], [Chain Combo], [The Way of a Dragon], [Body Relocation], [Finger Offensive], [Rising Dragon]
    25. Optimized the sharing function of [Class]. Adventurers can display more classes
    26. Optimized the Desert Wolf Arena. The “Leave and Revive” button is removed
    27. Adjusted the monsters’ strength in the main quests of all versions

    ========Fixed Bugs========
    1. Fixed the bug that after the rune was unequipped when Hela’s [Phantom Interference] triggered Lv.7 characteristic, the obtained skills would be missing (After the update, the skill will only be invalid)
    2. Fixed the bug that auto ride of mount would fail after tapping on the mini map
    3. Fixed the bug of abnormal display of the Seven Royals Observation Quest’s old entrance in the quest manual
    4. Fixed the bug that in PVP, players could see the armor attribute of the opponent by viewing the opponent’s photo
    5. Fixed the bug of the wrong upgrade description of [Arcane Codex V]. [Upon skill attack] is changed to [When using skills]
    6. Fixed the bug that auto combat would be interrupted after completing the daily monster-killing quest
    7. Fixed the bug of the wrong description of some class skills’ effect on MVP and Mini monsters
    8. Fixed the bug of the abnormal display when jumping to instance entrance from Heart's Origin
    9. Fixed the bug that Runemaster’s [Dark Flame Dragon Breath - Star Rune] might be invalid
    10. Fixed the bug that stronghold progress was not displayed on the Peak mini map
    11. Fixed the bug that trade history might be missing and items could not be received after making a single large purchase in the Exchange
    12. Fixed the bug that the set effect was missing after [Blueeve Cape] was infused into [Golden Manteau]
    13. Fixed the bug that some players could not log in to their accounts
    14. Fixed the bug of wrong damage statics in the Fantastic Dragon instance on Ponape Museum Island
    15. Fixed the bug that rewards information was missing from the monster details in Adventure Handbook of the new map
    16. Fixed the bug that the once-a-week purchase of Preferred Equipment Supply and Preferred Extraction Supply with Zeny was displayed as Gold Coin in the details interface
    17. Fixed the bug that when blacksmith purchased items at a discount, the Zeny saved was always displayed as Zeny x25
    18. Fixed the bug of the abnormal display of remaining count in Chaotic Invasion Mini
    19. Fixed the bug that adventurers on some channels could not summon Arc Angeling in Void Territory
    20. Fixed the bug of the wrong counting of the [Hand in Hand] achievement in Adventure Handbook
    21. Fixed the bug that the toy [Guild War S2 Trophy] did not disappear in some scenes
    22. Fixed the bug of abnormal card selection when restoring weapons
    23. Fixed the bug that [Class Unlocking Voucher] in the storage could not be found when purchasing classes
    24. Fixed the bug that the guilds that turned off [Accept Guild Application] could not be found by searching in the Guild hall
    25. Fixed the bug that some adventurers could not move after entering Palace of Beauty 1F
    26. Fixed the bug that the skill [Black Party] would be removed by the [Blackhole] effect
    27. Fixed the bug that Hela’s chanting skills (for example, reviving teammates using Yggdrasil) would be interrupted when she used Bloodline of the Deceased and Deadly Poison to recover HP
    28. Fixed the bug that Nidhogg’s skill [Power of Life] would not be used during auto combat when the teammate’s HP was low
    29. Fixed the bug that Nidhogg’s Lv.7 feature [Streamer of Fallen Night] could not trigger the effect of the Revenant Doppelganger Card
    30. Fixed the bug that [Weapon Repair Alloy] and the skill [Repair Weapon] would remove [Chemical Protection Weapon]
    31. Fixed the bug that when Taekwon enabled [Universe Fusion], the AoE attack would add multiple stacks of HP loss on himself
    32. Fixed the bug that Mechanic’s rune skill [Armor Change] could not be effective in non-Madogear Status
    33. Fixed the bug that Devil Squid’s tentacles and Seed of Yggdrasil’s guardian flower could be hit by Manhole and were immune to damage
    34. Fixed the bug that Mage’s skills could not make Ore Spirit get up and adjusted monster [Ore Spirit]’s skill [Bury Rock]’s HP recovery per second from 10% to 2%
    35. Fixed the bug of the abnormal display of the Deviruchi in the Deviruchi chat box
    36. Fixed the bug that class photo and character name on the GVG Point Ranking might overlap
    37. Fixed the bug that in the sales record in the Exchange, the position of trading tax and gains was reversed
    38. Fixed the bug that Sage would not use field skills during auto combat
    39. Fixed the bug that monsters with split affix in the Echoing Corridor would split infinitely and could not be cleared
    40. Fixed the bug that descriptions of story quests in the Eclage Adventure Handbook were missing
    41. Fixed the typos in the description of Soth Card
    42. Fixed the bug that some white equipment could not stack
    43. Fixed the bug that when the non-Alchemy classes preview the summoning skill of the Alchemy class, the precondition of the skill was wrong
    44. Fixed the bug that in Void Territory, when fighting against Soth, minions would keep appearing during the countdown and could not perform summoning
    45. Fixed the bug that the passenger riding a 2-man Mount could trigger some skill effect
    46. Fixed the bug that the summoning of BOSS in Void Territory could be controlled by skills like Blackhole. Forced Status Resist will be added to the summoning rite of some monsters
    47. Fixed the bug that when a Hunter was in Warg Rider status, if being hit by [Dolan Trick], the hunter could not ride or cancel the Warg Rider status
    48. Fixed the bug that mercenaries could not help the employing guild to attack the crystal
    49. Fixed the bug that the statics of the achievement [Stylist: The Meaning of Hairstyle] would be wrong after changing hairstyle
    50. Fixed the bug that when real-time voice chat was enabled in a team, players could not cast buff skills by tapping on the teammate’s photo at the upper left corner
    51. Fixed the bug of the abnormal display of the character attribute point allocation interface
    52. Fixed the bug that pets might stay on the map like NPCs
    53. Fixed the bug that Shadow - Saitama’s skill [Enforcement of Justice] could not deal damage at a chance
    54. Fixed the bug of the abnormal sound effect of Shadow - Genos’s skill [Rechargeable Incendiary Gun]
    55. Fixed the bug of the wrong description of Priest’s skill [Demon Bane]. Fixed the bug that after learning the peak level of [Demon Bane], Priest could receive the bonus of peak level without a critical hit