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  • Feb 22nd, 4:00 - 10:00 (GMT+2) Patch Notes

    Dear adventurer,
    We will commence a server shutdown maintenance on February 22, from 4:00 to 10:00 (GMT+2). This maintenance will update some of the game content and fix some existing issues. Please note that you will not be able to access the game during the maintenance period. We appreciate your understanding.
    After the maintenance is complete, we will distribute 6 "Adventurer Coins," 6 "Valkyrie Growth Gift Boxes," and 6 "Meteoric Chains" to all adventurers as compensation for the maintenance.
    The detailed content of this update is as follows:

    ========Limited Hero Class [Thor]========
    1. Unlock Method
    Limited-time Unlock: Available after the maintenance on February 22nd until 5:00 AM on March 22nd
    Adventurers can obtain the [Hero Class - Thor the God of Thunder Unlock Coupon] by purchasing the [Thor Unlocking Gift]. Adventurers with the unlock coupon can unlock [Thor] at any time. After the event ends, adventurers without the unlock coupon will not be able to unlock [Thor] through other means.
    Both the [Class] - [Thor] and [Recharge] - [Hero] interfaces will have a Thor trial feature available.
    2. Growth Path
    Traits are the core skills exclusive to hero classes. When unlocking a hero, traits start at level 1 and can be raised to level 7.
    Activating traits through Runes will increase their level, and unlocking powerful additional skill effects when reaching levels 4 and 7.
    Gain skill points by raising Thor's Job level.
    Thor's Job level cap is 86.
    Three new Thor-exclusive S-rank skill Runes and S-star skill Runes will be added.
    Obtain Thor-exclusive Runes through Rune identification. In addition, other Rune fusion methods will also support hero Rune operation.
    Aeisr Monument: A Thor-exclusive Aeisr Monument will be added, all unlocked upon activation. Adventurers should go activate them.
    3. Hero Fetters
    Complete a series of Growth Quests in the [Class] - [Thor] - [Growth Quest] interface to receive rewards.
    4. "Thor's Arrival" Limited-Time Events!
    After the maintenance on February 22nd, [King Poring - Advanced Customization] will add a new "Thor" card for synthesis.
    From the maintenance on February 22nd to 5:00 AM on March 22nd, the "Thor Unlocking Gift, Rapid Growth Pack, Hero Promotion Pack" will be available for a limited time. Bundling multiple gift packs for purchase will grant additional discounts!
    From the maintenance on February 22nd to 5:00 AM on March 22nd, the Thor exclusive weapon supply "Dark Finale Supply Box" will be available to help adventurers rapidly obtain +15 exclusive weapons.
    From the maintenance on February 22nd to 5:00 AM on March 22nd, the "Path of Thunder" event will be open.
    Raise Thor's hero trait level to receive Super Value rewards like "Divine Enchantment Gift Box - Weapon"!
    Adventurers can purchase the "Super Value Rune Gift Box" in the event interface to quickly increase hero traits.
    From the maintenance on February 22nd to 5:00 AM on February 29th, the "Thunder Wind Driver Giftbox" will be available for a limited time, featuring the lightning-themed two-person mount "Wind Driver."
    From 5:00 AM on February 29th to 5:00 AM on March 7th, the "Thor Spinner" event will be open.
    Obtain the Thor-exclusive mount "Exterminator," powerful headwear card "Walter Card," and more through the event.
    Mage weapon card "Incantation Samurai Card" will be available at a limited-time 20% discount.
    During the event, adventurers can receive three free spinner chances per day, with a total of up to 21 free chances.
    5."Weapon Self-Select Giftbox" and "Premium Weapon Supply Box" will now include Thor's exclusive weapon "Dark Finale [1]."

    ======== Team Competition ========
    Starting on February 19th, Team Competition will kick off its 17th season.
    1. Matches will take place every Saturday from 9 PM to midnight. The season will last for 4 weeks, from February 19th to March 17th.
    2. After the season ends, the [Team Competition] tournament will begin.
    Tournament dates: March 18th, 2024 - March 23rd, 2024.
    Following the tournament, rewards will be distributed based on tournament rankings and season points. Each season's points will be adjusted after the tournament ends.
    Tournament Participation Rules:
    (1) [Arena] - [Competitive] tab has a new addition: [Tournament Mode].
    (2) From Monday 5 AM to Friday midnight, players have the opportunity to assemble their tournament squads. Adventurers must create/join tournament teams, form a team of six, and once all members have confirmed, the team leader can sign up the team for the tournament.
    (3) Registration is open from Friday 5 AM until Friday midnight. Registered teams will be ranked based on the total team competition points of the 6 Adventurers in the team. The top 32 teams will qualify for the official tournament.
    (4) After registration ends, match-ups will be determined based on team competition points. Match-up rules are as follows:
    1. The top 1/2 teams will be treated as seeded teams (for example, in a 32-team tournament, 16 teams will be seeded).
    2. In the seeded teams, the top 8 and bottom 8 will randomly be placed in separate groups with the left and right half.
    3. Remaining teams are randomly allocated.
    4. The Final Battle round (8 teams) will be randomly matched.
    Tournament Schedule Rules:
    (1) The first round of matches begins at 8 PM on Saturday. Team leaders must click [Start Matchmaking] within the 15 minutes before the match (7:45 PM - 8 PM) to confirm participation. Teams that fail to click [Start Matchmaking] within the allotted time will forfeit the match
    (2) Matchmaking cannot proceed if a non-registered team member is present during the tournament, if a team member is offline, or if there are fewer than 3 players in the team.
    (3) During matchmaking, teams that switch class will be removed from matchmaking and must have the team leader click [Start Matchmaking] again to reconfirm participation.
    (4) The tournament format is mixed elimination. The first four rounds are single elimination, with 64 teams competing in 3 rounds to determine the top 4. During the top 4 matches, each match will be determined by best-of-three series, with a fixed dungeon order of "Magic Prison-Black and White Chess-Temple of Reincarnation." If one team wins the first two matches, the third match will not be played. The runner-up in the final round and the losers of the previous round are tied for third place.
    Tournament Rewards:
    (1) Champion: [Chasing Stars Monster Egg], Lv3 Avatar Frame, Lv3 Background Frame, exclusive title [Conqueror of Star], and 40 Glittering Rune Stones.
    (2) Runner-up: [Chasing Stars Monster Egg], Lv3 Avatar Frame, Lv3 Background Frame, exclusive title [Inquisitor of Star], and 25 Glittering Rune Stones.
    (3) 3rd-8th place: [Chasing Stars Monster Egg], Lv3 Avatar Frame, Lv3 Background Frame, and 15 Glittering Rune Stones.
    (4) 9th-16th place: [Night Chase Monster Egg], Lv2 Avatar Frame, Lv2 Background Frame, and 10 Glittering Rune Stones.
    (5) 17th-32nd place and top 200 season points: [Ghost Wolf Monster Egg], Lv1 Avatar Frame, Lv1 Background Frame, and 10 Glittering Rune Stones.
    (6) Tournament rewards will be delivered via email at midnight on the Wednesday following the end of the tournament.

    ========Fantasy Generator - Card========
    [Fantasy Generator - Card] card pool updated!
    1. Drawing rules:
    Single draw price: 15 Big Cat Coins;
    Special offer draw price: 8 Big Cat Coins;
    You can draw at the Special offer price 3 times daily. When using the Special offer price, each draw gives you [Nolan Card]*50. Special offer count resets daily at 5 AM;
    2. Card rarity and corresponding probabilities for each draw:
    [Rate up Cards]: 0.5%;
    [Preferred Cards]: 2.0%;
    [Featured Cards]: 50.0%;
    [Common Cards]: 47.5%;
    3. Rate up Cards rules:
    [Rate up Cards] include multiple Rare Cards;
    When there's a probability-boosted card in [Rate up Cards], drawing from [Rate up Cards] has an 80.0% chance of obtaining one of the boosted cards;
    The first half of the Rate up Cards UP includes [Ancient Phantom Dragon Card][Devil Squid Card][Mentalist Card], from March 1st 5 AM to March 20th 5 AM;
    The second half of the Rate up Cards UP includes [Otherworldly Tesseract Card][Tesseract Card][Hill Wind Card], from March 20th 5 AM to April 1st 5 AM;
    4. Cumulative drawing rules:
    If you don't get a [Preferred Card] in 55 consecutive draws, you'll trigger the guarantee system, increasing the probability of obtaining a [Preferred Card] with every draw until you get one;
    If you don't get a [Rate up Card] in 330 consecutive draws, you'll trigger the guarantee system, increasing the probability of obtaining a [Rate up Card] with every draw until you get one;
    The guarantee effect doesn't reset with the card pool updates, but continues until you get the guaranteed card, then starts again.
    5. Limited-time Card Gashapon wishing event from March 1st 5 AM to April 1st 5 AM:
    This wishing event has two phases: the first is from March 1st 5 AM to March 20th 5 AM, while the second phase is from March 20th 5 AM to April 1st 5 AM. [Wish Power] is not carried over between the two phases;
    During the event, choose any 1 high-priority UP card from the current Card Gashapon machine for your wish. If you draw a non-wished Rate up Card using Big Cat Coins, you'll get +1 [Wish Power];
    When you reach the maximum [Wish Power] limit during the event, the next Rate up Card you draw using Big Cat Coins from the current Card Gashapon machine will be the card you wished for;
    If you draw the card you wished for with Big Cat Coins from the current Card Gashapon machine, your [Wish Power] counter will be reset;
    If you wish to cancel or change your wished card, your accumulated [Wish Power] will reset;
    After the event ends, all accumulated [Wish Power] will be cleared.

    ========Content Update========
    1. Homestead wooden stakes can simulate the strength of some dungeon MVPs. See how much damage you can deal!
    2. The cooldown for changing your birthday in your personal information has been adjusted to 3 days.
    3. Added a "Super Value Bundle" entrance in the B Coin Store's hero sales interface. "Class Unlock Bundle, Rapid Growth Pack, Hero Promotion Pack" will be permanently sold. Bundling multiple packs together can give you extra discounts!
    4. Ymir's Notebook now supports saving shortcuts for items.
    5. The Ferris wheel now supports inviting friends from different maps while staying on the same line.
    6. Optimized [Ancient Artifact User]'s skill performance at medium and low graphics settings.
    7. Improved the acquisition route entrance in Adventure Handbook for pets, mounts, cards, and furniture interfaces.
    8. Removed the red dot prompt when corresponding development in Adventure and side quests reach their limits.
    9. Improved Origin Book and Rune Stone's permanent display in the Team Competition Store.

    ========Issue Fixes========
    1. Fixed an issue where continuous use of attack skills would not trigger [Emerald Heart] when the [Enchanted Weapon] effect disappears.
    2. Fixed an issue where the Knight skill [Abyss' Arrival] would become ineffective when switching Map selections.
    3. Fixed an issue where Adventure Topic Secret Helald could not be completed after clearing Echoing Corridor 61~70.
    4. Fixed a display issue with the furniture [King Triton's Tear of the Ocean].
    5. Fixed an issue where Eye Scarrefine could not be stacked after use.
    6. Fixed an issue where purchasing a limited class in Hero class interface would result in a sharing screen without the limited class.
    7. Fixed an issue where Hunter Trap could not deal effective damage to the "Heart" on the third floor of Lost Isle.
    8. Fixed an issue where the NPC values in Tears of the Tyrant duel quest were too strong, causing some support classes to be unable to complete the quest.
    9. Fixed an issue where the Wasteland exchange's EXP Conjury Power Potion did not prompt when exceeding the usage limit.
    10. Fixed a description issue with Refine +10 Shoes Voucher.
    11. Fixed an issue where items in the warehouse could still be selected with the Stone of All Things when crafting gear.
    12. Fixed an issue where temporary GVG mounts were not properly removed after expiration.
    13. Fixed an issue where Crusader and Angel class could not gear Shattered Earth.
    14. Fixed an issue where Ancient Artifact User skill [Elf's Armor] would recover multiple times when taking damage from multiple elements at once.
    15. Fixed an issue where multiple Ancient Artifact Users attacking a single enemy would not all trigger magic damage.
    16. Fixed an issue where the 5th level Guardian Armor's healing effect would only work upon first entering combat, but not after leaving and re-entering combat.
    17. Fixed an issue where clicking on Assistant's Medal of Honor currency would not redirect to the Butler interface.
    18. Fixed an issue where Heinrich's shadow sub-hand Infused Equipment would not directly gear when switching classes.
    19. Fixed an issue where Rathgricy's [Divine Verdict] could not pass through obstacles in PVP Maps.
    20. Fixed an issue where Museum Island BOSS Camorra White Barrier skill had no effect.
    21. Fixed an issue with the probability display of Museum Island Novice Difficulty Boss.
    22. Fixed an issue where the Wasteland Divine Tree could not be properly displayed.
    23. Fixed an issue in Whitestar Airship dungeon where firing cannons could deal damage to monsters other than Fire Elves.
    24. Fixed an issue where Angel class wearing Undershirt would trigger abnormal healing (Invulnerability counted as Flee resulted in continuous healing).
    25. Fixed an issue where Blacksmith's Mechanical Revolution would still Flee against characters with no BUFFs while wearing Golden Spirit Boat gear.
    26. Fixed an issue where abnormal and critical damage could not be triggered when having a personal shield active.