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  • RO:M Guild Photo: End of Year Celebration Event in Christmas Theme

    Share your Guild's End of Year Celebration Photo!

    Gather all your guild mates and show us how your Guild celebrates the End of the Year in Christmas theme by snapping an awesome group photo for a chance to win rewards and be featured on our official Facebook page! Follow these steps:

    1. Each guild can only submit one photo. The person, preferably the Guild Leader, must submit the photo and post it in the Official RO:M Forum on behalf of the Guild.

    2. Only the post that is under the correct sub-category in the forum will qualify.
    Please post ONLY at this link:

    3. Topic title in the forum must use this format: <Guild name>, followed by a creative Christmas tagline. Example: YourGuildName - It is snowing in Prontera!
    Submission must also include the exact guild name (including all special characters), Guild Leader's IGN, Character ID and Server Name

    Hashtag to be used: #RagnarokMEternalLove #RO #EndOfYearCelebration2022 #Guild #<YourGuildName>

    4. Once you post, you must fill out this form:

    This is required to win any rewards, including participation rewards.

    5. Photoshopping is allowed.

    6. Judging Criteria:
    a) 40% - Expression of Theme (Story Telling, Subject Matter, Inspiration to Others, Memorable, Relevant to the theme)
    b) 30% - Technical Execution and Quality (Appeal, Level of Detail, Presentation, Center of Interest, Techniques used to create the photo)
    c) 20% - Creativity and Originality
    d) 10% - Composition/Arrangement of the Photo

    Plagiarism is grounds for disqualification.

    7. Photos with at least 80% of the Guild’s members have a higher chance of being featured on our official Facebook page.

    8. Event Period:
    SEA: 5 December 2022, 20:00HRS (GMT+7) to 30 December 2022, 20:00HRS (GMT+7)
    GLOBAL: 5 December 2022, 07:00HRS (GMT-6) to 30 December 2022, 07:00HRS (GMT-6)
    EU: 5 December 2022, 15:00HRS (GMT+2) to 30 December 2022, 15:00HRS (GMT+2)

    9. Top 10% will be selected to win 150 Big Cat Voucher Feast, 100 Star Flower Stamen, and 50 Fortune Coins for guildmates.

    10. All others who qualify will win 90 Big Cat Voucher Feast, 50 Star Flower Stamen and 30 Fortune Coins

    11. After the event ends, a server-wide reward of 20 Star Flower Stamen will be credited.

    12. Each account can only win once.

    13. To qualify for rewards, the player must already be a Guild Member by 5 December 2022 20:00HRS (GMT+7) / 07:00HRS (GMT-6) / 15:00HRS (GMT+2)

    14. Rewards will be credited to all Guild members who are in the Guild at the time of rewards distribution within 21 working days after the event concludes. Any lost rewards as a result of exiting a Guild before rewards are credited will not be entertained.

    15. Only accounts that match the region in which the event is being held are eligible. For example, specifying a GLOBAL account for an event that is held in SEA is disqualifying.

    16. Accounts associated with activities that violate our game policies are subject to disqualification.

    17. We reserve the right to change the event mechanics and Terms & Conditions without prior notice.