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  • Darkness - discovering a new Ragnarok

    Darkness info:
    Guild name: Darkness
    Server: Global Eternal love
    Guild leader IGN: AndreLucas
    Guild leader character Id: 4303420110

    Remembering a little of the beginning of the game and its trajectory.
    the following lines are:
    - whats up!!
    - Where are the rich so I can beg items, so I can resell overpriced.
    - Give fake trade, ask for leech, give ks, play with noobs, open a store with a higher price to catch off guard.
    - Why did i take my headphones off today.
    - I already know who can give you a correction, I mean help you.
    - Go north and look for Poya, she will help you solve this...

    Thanks everyone for reading our comics, thanks developers for the events and the game in general.
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